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Hey kids!

Hope y’all are relatively sane after being stuck at home for the last two weeks. Honestly, I’ve lost track of the time.

Aside from writing a posting last week for this home-based ecommerce job, I’ve had an opportunity to do some long-overdue work on the content side of EcommerceRecruiter’s business. More enjoyably, I’ve had a chance to spend mucho tiempo on Linkedin. Man! There are SO many talented people on Linkedin — and some of their updates are incredible.

While Allan Seibert and I are sorting through whats-what on the recruiting side of our business, I thought I’d start a weekly roundup of my network’s most interesting Linkedin updates — starting today with a handful of my own from the last 12 months.

Let’s call this Issue 01.

I’ll curate 3 or 4 issues to see if this concept has legs. I’m envisioning something like Moz’ Top 10 or Josh Greene’s newsletter — but with Linkedin updates only.

Later this week I’ll probably start a NEW email list for this project at LinkedinRoundup.com — so please don’t unsubscribe from this jobs list!

Stay tuned and STAY SAFE!

— Harry
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1/ “THIS YEAR’S CRISIS: FRIEND OR FOE?” Today I interviewed a candidate for an Etail Account Management position. Towards the end of the call, I asked him “If I were in an elevator with Jeff Bezos and asked him, ‘This year’s crisis: friend or foe?’ What do you think he would say?” [ To my surprise, the candidate responded … ]

2/ ABOUT THOSE “TOP JOBS” RANKINGS: Quick! Who makes more: Podiatrists or Petroleum Engineers? Who cares! You want to be known as someone who can drive a RESULT, not just do a job. [ Here’s why …]

3/ REJECTED! “On paper, your candidate was amazing, but during the on-site interview …” [ Are you kidding me? ]

4/ “GUNSLINGERS DON’T GET PAID BY THE BULLET.” I’ve got a client who takes 72 hours to answer every email and his responses always look like they came from a Magic 8 Ball. [ What’s up with that? ]

5/ “SELL ME THIS PENCIL.” I’m tempted to start asking all merchandising candidates “Pick a SKU in your inventory, any SKU. But here’s my cruel twist on this question …

6/ TWO HOURS, BUT WORTH IT: This 43-page tear down of Amazon’s strategy is a fantastic one-stop-shop on Amazon’s strengths (many!), weaknesses (few!), opportunities (more than I imagined), and threats (fewer than I guessed). [ See if you can tell right away what’s noteworthy about this article. ]

7/ “ASSUME POSITIVE INTENT.” Great approach to managing a home-based team in an uncertain time … [Sage advice. ]

8/ SMASH AND GRAB … All weekend long, I sat around asking myself: “What do you have that people can use RIGHT NOW?” [ Click now to join the discussion … ]

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