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Hey kids!

I reached a little stopping point in my searches this week and decided to blog on Linkedin. Then I decided to email market — because why not?

I realize I should be doing this every week, but recruiting-wise this year has been insane. In a normal year, all Allan Seibert and I have to is source and sweet talk unicorns. This year there’s that PLUS getting them through a hiring process that may involve travel during a pandemic — which, believe it or not — some unicorns are weird about. Wimps!


Anyway, here are some Linkedin updates for you to savor on your Friday morning.

As always, if you are a talented, future-oriented ecom executive who is open to new career opportunities, we should talk — confidentially, of course.

Hit me up at Harry [dot] Joiner [at] EcommerceRecruiter [dot] com

Good luck with your job search!

Harry Joiner

1/ THIS SOUNDS AWFUL (PART 1): Recently I passed on a search from a cataloger because their ecommerce site looked thoughtless. Have you ever taken one look at a potential employer’s website and said to yourself, “Ugh”? Here’s what a bunch of the industry’s best and brightest had to say about that.

2/ THE STUFF OF (BAD) DREAMS: Close your eyes and vividly imagine the top 5 ecom pros you know personally. Now do this

3/ DID YOU KNOW? There are four primary types of authority. Yep. Many people think Number 3 is the most powerful — but they’re wrong. [Click here to see which type of authority Linkedin CAN’T help me identify in a candidate.]

4/ THE OTHER 49 WEEKS: Last year I did a search for a fly fishing lure manufacturer. During the project kickoff call, I asked the CEO, “How exactly do you guys plan to grow? Your company already dominates the market.” [His answer floored me.] I thought I’d heard everything!

5/ “ARE MY SKILLS OUT OF DATE?” A candidate whom EIGHT (8) years ago was a solid VP of Ecommerce asked me if his skills were too out of date for one of my VP of Ecommerce searches. When I shared my answer in my feed, a 42 comment debate ensued.

6/ “HIS SHOES LOOKED LIKE HELL.” Last year one of my candidates got KO’d for wearing scuffed-up shoes to his interview. My readers went nuts when they heard about it. But, there’s a really good reason this is such a big deal in the Marines.

7/ THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Four candidates interview for a job: John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The hiring committee members can’t agree on who’s best — and this is their lame ass solution.

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