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One of the coolest LA sales jobs around!

We are working with in its search for a Sales Director based in Calabasas, CA. Founded in 2005, is now the most visited online gold and silver dealership in the United States.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: started out as an economic research firm and its founder — Mike Maloney — literally wrote the book on investing in gold and silver. Published in 2008, Mike’s book quickly became the #1 selling book on precious metals investing in history. Today, Mike’s YouTube videos, (like this one here) have been viewed more than 16 million times.

In an industry that is perceived as full of sharks, stands apart from its competition by not being a high pressure sales company or a mom and pop coin shop. simply educates its clients and offers them the opportunity to do what the firm’s founders have done: Make money on the investment of precious metals. is a high energy, mission driven, and tech savvy company whose best days are ahead of it. The firm’s core values include trust, creativity, innovation, and being client-centered — and maintaining and building on these values is highest priority.’s culture is all about leading by example; maintaining complete accuracy in everything; constantly striving to be the best, innovation in all it does, and being creative / not competitive.

About the Role

What’s so cool about this sales management opportunity is that YOU will be responsible for researching new market opportunities; understanding how customers in those markets buy; developing digital, print, and telesales lead generation strategies for them; and leading your team to convert those leads into customers.

This is one of the most end-to-end consumer sales management roles I’ve ever seen. On the front end of the process, it all about content marketing and optimizing the full cycle of buyer experience. On the back end of the process, it’s all about being the ultimate sales machine. YOU will be responsible for every aspect of the sales funnel: getting new visitors; converting those visitors to leads; further qualifying those leads; and converting those leads into sales.

CANDIDATES: To fully understand what you will need to LAND this job and then CRUSH IT in the role once you do, Harry Joiner spent 97 minutes on the phone with’s President. Now at, you can access 2379 words of Harry’s personal notes from that call along with his supporting research from IBIS World, Factiva, First Research, and more. To request your log-in credentials to NEXTgig, please TEXT your name to Harry at (404) 281-2025. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll glean from that information …

  • How the global economy impacts demand for precious metals, and what you as Sales Director can do to profit from these events.
  • The THREE things you absolutely must understand to be successful in this role.
  • The top problem the company faces in selling online, and what you can do about it.
  • The TWO main strategies the company will use to reposition itself as a financial services firm.
  • The golden opportunity to grow the business in a category long overlooked by precious metals dealers everywhere — and why NOW is the time for to go after it.
  • The FOUR things the hiring committee would expect to see in the “slamdunk” candidate’s resume.
  • A complete laundry list of 24 lead generation channels the company uses — and how each of those channels plugs into Sales.
  • The 9 key social media marketing metrics you’ll impact as Sales Director — and what these could mean to you financially.
  • The 18 best practices across six key elements of a Voice of the Customer program that could make you and your sales team tons of money.
  • The surprising “Old School” sales tactic that can be a powerful revenue driver for — now and in the future.
  • And more!


  • Deliver training and sales tools to the firm’s reps to help them be more efficient and effective.
  • Perform competitive research and help position the firm to win more customers.
  • Proactively scope and present new ideas to improve the firm’s website experience for prospects, leads, and customers.
  • Participate in recruitment activities for user research participants, including developing criteria, screening participants, creating materials, tracking results, and coordinating incentives as needed.
  • Lead a team of content strategists and producers to create regular content to be marketed via all inbound channels (social, email, blog, landing pages, etc.).
  • Grow the team through hiring and training.
  • Serve as an evangelist for the firm’s message, brand, and content through thought leadership and blogging, social media, and speaking.
  • Grow the firm’s subscriber base by providing them regular, helpful content that’s in-tune with their needs.
  • Lead and manage team responsible for telling the company story.
  • Grow the team through hiring and training.
  • Set team strategy through analysis of historical marketing data.
  • Own relationship with sales and forge strong communication and service level agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales.
  • Forecast and present to senior management and help the CMO achieve greater marketing success.
  • Build and manage a rich content/editorial calendar that attracts a qualified audience to the firm’s owned properties (including blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, reports, webinars, infographics, etc.).
  • Grow new leads, including marketing-qualified leads, by converting site traffic through calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead generation content (including offers).
  • Optimize the firm’s marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels.
  • Manage all channel marketing communications (newsletters, webinars, product notifications, etc.).
  • Manage both on-site and off-site SEO for the company.
  • Manage of organic search engine performance and goal-setting based on site impressions, clickthrough rates, traffic, and conversions.
  • Create and maintain metrics reports on marketing and sales activities that detail their effectiveness and business impact.


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