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  1. NEW – VP of Ecommerce (San Antonio, TX) – Full write-up
  2. NEW – Director of Ecommerce Marketing (Bronx, NY) – Full write-up
  3. NEW – Director of Ecommerce (Richmond, VA) – Full write-up
  4. NEW – Director of Digital Marketing (Fairfax, VA) – Full write-up
  5. NEW – Director of Ecommerce, Americas (Boulder, CO) – Full write-up
  6. NEW – Sr. Mgr Digital Media / Integrated Mktg (Cincinnati, OH)
  7. NEW – Sr. Manager Web Analytics (Cincinnati, OH)
  8. NEW – VP of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce (New York City) – Full write-up
  9. NEW – Mktg Director – Email, Loyalty & Promo (Redmond, OR) – Full write-up
  10. NEW – Director of Site Operations (Katy, TX) – Full write-up
  11. NEW – CEO for the GENCO Marketplace (Pittsburgh, PA) – Full write-up
  12. NEW – Director of Ecommerce (Fountain Valley, CA) – Full write-up
  13. NEW – Sr Interactive Art Director (Clearwater, FL) – Full write-up
  14. NEW – Director of Ecommerce (Richmond, VA) – Full write-up
  15. NEW – Social / Mobile Marketing Mgr (South Deerfield, MA) – Full write-up
  16. NEW – Director, Ecommerce Marketing (South Deerfield, MA) – Full write-up
  17. NEW – VP of Digital Merchandising (Boca Raton, FL) – Full write-up
  18. NEW – Marketing Manager (Walnut Creek, CA) – Full write-up
  19. NEW – Manager, Content Strategy (Atlanta, GA) – Full write-up
  20. Website Manager for IR-500 firm (Frederick, MD)
  21. Marketing Manager for IR-500 firm (Frederick, MD)
  22. Director / GM of IR-500 firm (Frederick, MD) – Full write-up
  23. VP of Ecommerce (Raleigh, NC or New York City)
  24. VP of Marketing (BOS / NYC / PHL / DC) – Full write-up
  25. Dir. Digital Mktg & Bus Dev (Piscataway, NJ 08854)
  26. Director, Online Sales (Piscataway, NJ 08854)
  27. Merchandise Manager (Walnut Creek, CA)
  28. Director of D2C Marketing (Dayton, OH) – Full write-up
  29. Interactive Marketing Specialist (Clearwater, FL)
  30. Retail Ecommerce Manager (Ontario, CA) – Full write-up
  31. Gen. Mgr, Ecommerce Marketing (Goodyear; Akron, OH) – Full write-up
  32. VP of Sales (LA / NYC / San Diego) – Full write-up
  33. Director of Ecommerce Marketing (Portland, OR)
  34. International Ecom Site Mgr (Portland, OR)
  35. Interactive Creative Director (Portland, OR)
  36. International Ecom Marketing Mgr (Portland, OR)
  37. Ecommerce Web Analytics Specialist (Portland, OR)
  38. Director of Ecommerce (Salt Lake City, UT) – Full write-up
  39. Dir of Ecommerce & Online Product Mgmt (Calhoun, GA) – Full write-up
  40. Regional Manager, Ecommerce (Greenwich, CT) – Full write-up
  41. Ecommerce Marketing Manager (Hillsboro, OR)
  42. Marketing Manager, Affiliate and Online Display (Chantilly, VA)

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