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We are working with FKQ Advertising in their search for an Associate Media Director based in Clearwater, Florida. FKQ is a full-service ad agency that has been in business for 50 years. As true partners with their clients, FKQ goes beyond just providing strategy and purchasing media. They’re a seamless extension of their clients and provide any service that helps grow the client’s business. This kind of partnership leads to longstanding relationships that go back more than 25 years.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: FKQ is backfilling a vacant position and seeks a strong candidate with national network buying experience. The ideal candidate will have a long track record of success in media planning and have been in the trenches of broadcast media, particularly in the restaurant and retail trades. In a perfect world, you’d have planning experience in ethnic markets.

It’s all about increasing FKQ’s clients’ sales.

A top candidate will be able to back up his success stories with examples of previous media plans and demonstrate that they consistently posted gains for his clients.

In addition to handling the gritty day-to-day details of media buying, you’ll also find yourself in front of clients gaining buy-in for your strategies and presenting your results. The role is not for wimps: You’ll need to hold your own in front of clients and be accountable for their brands’ traction in the marketplace. If you can’t maintain the client’s media standards while driving concrete results – then you’ll hate this job.

FKQ’s culture is characterized by a high level of positive energy and it’s not laid-back. You’ll need to be comfortable in a world with constant updates and revisions, and you’ll be working on a team of 7 to 8 members and you will have 3 direct reports.

Is this the job for you?

Well, it is if you like to keep up with industry trends for fun. Additionally, you’ll love your job if you ENJOY dealing with results-oriented clients. That means having a well-informed, fact-based, and “teachable” point of view on media trends, the television industry, ethnographics, the restaurant industry, and the retail industry.

Having a “teachable POV” means being able to speak to the media industry’s history, current structure, imminent opportunities and threats, its regulatory environment, and its 10 year future. In order for you to be a badass Trusted Advisor to FKQ’s TV clients, you’ll need to have an academically sound POV on strategic media planning, the process used to place
messages in media in order to reach particular audiences.

During your 45 minute interview with us, plan on being asked about any THREE of the following issues at random …

  • The challenges facing media planners in an era of media fragmentation and proliferation and increased audience choice and control.
  • Your response to these challenges in the form of integrated marketing communication, connections planning, and marketing public relations.
  • The basic mathematical concepts involved in media buying/planning, including the calculation of audience ratings, media share, reach and frequency, and gross rating points.
  • The data sources used in your media analysis, such as Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB), Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI), and Bureau of Advertising Research (BAR).
  • The strengths and weaknesses of various media as message carriers, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor, telephone, and the Internet.
  • The basic elements of your strategic media plans, including the advertising and media relations objectives, strategies, and tactics.
  • Your use of media planning software in the design of contemporary strategic media plans.
  • Your development of complete media plans for actual restaurant and retail clients.
  • Where is the value in the new TV business? Is it content? Access? Distribution?
  • What are the most promising new business models that can support the industry?
  • How many of those business models will require the end consumer to give up their privacy?
  • What do these issues mean to your clients — and how should they be altering their media buys?

You can’t be a waffler in this role. FKQ’s clients are paying you to know.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing annual and promotional media strategies for broadcast, print, digital and outdoor (planning) for general consumer market and Hispanic Consumer Market (“HCM”)
  • Buying local spot TV, local cable, radio, outdoor, digital and print for General Consumer Market and HCM
  • Stewardship of all media buys including weekly post (and associated make-good negotiation and placement), quarterly PBA’s, adherence to Client’s standards for programming, CPP’s and ISD submissions
  • Stewardship and maintenance of Client’s Media budget and associated flowcharts
  • Determine any non-traditional means of reaching our HCM due to any limitations of traditional media in the market
  • Participation in Regional Media Planning meetings, conference calls and any required Divisional activity
  • Development of presentation materials for Client meetings.
  • Negotiation, stewardship and reporting of all added value media opportunities
  • Presentation and preparation of any media plans or pertinent updates for Client meetings
  • Cultivate positive relationships with Clients to establish trust, respect and illustration of FKQ’s Whatever it Takes philosophy
  • Work closely with all account team members to understand the full breadth of the Clients’ respective industries and overall business strategies
  • Establishing and fostering relationships with all media partners to demonstrate FKQ’s leadership position in the media community
  • Oversee account-specific planner/buyer team members and mentor and train junior staff members.


  • 7+ years experience planning and buying all media, heavy broadcast (spot TV, spot radio, cable) plus network cable, out-of-home, Internet.
  • 5+ years experience must be in the Restaurant and Retail categories
  • Superior presentation skills to large and small groups.
  • Advanced computer skills in programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Strata and Advantage (or similar industry programs) and comfortable with high volume email communications.
  • Four-year college degree.


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