NEW YORK, NY – Here’s a little pitch about an international, high-profile, six-figure, NYC-based luxury search that’s right up your alley. I posted it last week on my Linkedin groups — and the response was through the roof. Now, here it is for your viewing pleasure …

BACK STORY: As a recruiter, I like to see myself as in the “before” and “after” business – like in an infomercial:

BEFORE my candidate arrives on the scene, my client has problems: Affiliate fraud, for example. Or a platform integration plagued with delays and cost overruns. Or declining sales.

AFTER my candidate has been on the job for 12 months, the affiliate fraud is gone, a hugely successful integration is ancient history, and the sales slump has been arrested. Problem solved.

Naturally, whenever I land a search I ask myself “Assuming they have the skills, which of my candidates will benefit the most from this search? What’s in it for them, long term? Not just monetarily, but in terms of how their accomplishments in the role will contribute to the narrative about them in the industry.”

Because after handling more than 250 ecommerce searches, here’s what I know: People TALK.


Having a great resume is one thing, but having a stellar reputation for solving cross-functional, multichannel ecommerce problems is another. After your first two years in the business, your peers won’t talk about your resume. They will, however, gossip about your accomplishments.

Which brings me to this week’s pitch.

My NYC-based client is a European luxury goods manufacturer who seeks a US Ecommerce Manager to develop the US market for their product line. They know relatively little about how to make this happen, but you have heard of the company and they sell online through one of America’s most prestigious high-end retailers.

The client is doing ~$500K in US online sales. However, the US retail market for their product includes about 20,000 companies with combined annual revenue of about $30 billion. The industry is fragmented, with the top 50 companies generating only about 40% of revenue.

Which is exactly why the client has very high hopes for America. You know many of their competitors, several of whom are members of the Internet Retailer Top 500. The situation has exactly what attracts venture capitalists to any business:

  1. Huge, addressable market
  2. Remarkable, high-quality product(s)
  3. Well defined customer
  4. Viable distribution network
  5. Proven revenue model
  6. Long-term scalability
  7. Access to the right team (which you’ll get to build.)

All of those things are here. All you have to do is bring them together in a brand-friendly way. It’s totally doable, for the right person.

Reporting to the North American CEO, you will need a strong knowledge of: customer acquisition; content management systems; customer care; ecommerce platforms; logistics; promotion and loyalty management; online catalog management; order management systems; rich media; site search; social media; web analytics; and web design/user experience.

Luxury experience is preferred but not required.

The job will pay a base salary of between $100,000 and $130,000. Tops!!  And before you older readers say “Rubbish! Harry will never find someone with all that experience for that low price,” please know that there’s a new breed of up-and-coming rock stars who would easily rise to the challenge.

Make no mistake: If you take this job, the challenges will be waiting for you. But they are surmountable, and you’ll have the resources and management support to overcome them. And when you do, you’ll have the kind of reputation that will get you talked about. In a good way.

As of March 21, this job has been placed on HOLD by the client. To apply for an incredibly similar job with yet anohter French luxury brand, please click here.

Peace out,

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