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I was going to post this JOTW earlier in the week, but I got writer’s block — which is funny, because this week’s JOTW is about BareNecessities.com’s search for a new Creative Director / Art Director.

THE ANGLE:  If you live in NJ and are sick of schlepping to New York City every day, then here’s your opportunity to make a REAL difference to a company while getting home at a reasonable hour.  That’s not just “recruiter talk.” The company truly WANTS someone who has a strong sense of how the creative impacts customer experience and usability, and it NEEDS someone to inspire the brand and the team. Not only will you have a seat at the table – it’s waiting for you now.  Empty.  With your name on it.  Just waiting for you.

THE BACKGROUND: Based in Central New Jersey, Bare Necessities launched its website in 1998, and sells intimate apparel from more than 120 brands, such as Calvin Klein, SPANX, La Perla, Wacoal, Emporio Armani, Hanky Panky, Cosabella and Donna Karan. You’d report to the firm’s VP of Ecommerce, Jessica Jackson, who was formerly with J. Crew and Victoria’s Secret Direct.  She’s awesome.

With $50 million in online sales, the company is ranked #235 in this year’s IR-500. According to the IR-500 database, here’s the publicly known breakdown of the company’s clientele:

  • Female: 63.55%

  • Male: 36.45%
  • Age 25 or less: 14.06%
  • Age 26 to 34: 22.37%
  • Age 35 to 44: 25.21%
  • Age 45 to 54: 21.13%
  • Age 55 and up: 17.24%
  • Annual Household Income $30,000 or less: 16.1%
  • Annual Household Income $30,001 to $60,000: 21.18%
  • Annual Household Income $60,001 to $100,000: 35.36%
  • Annual Household Income More Than $100,000: 27.36%

If you’d like to apply for the role, I can send you a spreadsheet of how the company’s metrics stack up to their competitions’.  Additionally, there is quite a bit of information on the intimate apparel category in Factiva, a database to which I subscribe.

ADDED BONUS: The company also owns the domain Lingerie.com, which by my reckoning is the most prime piece of real estate in the category.  Few recruiters appreciate the value of a great domain more than me, and this one has tons of potential.  Google’s Adwords estimator pegs the estimated clicks per day for “lingerie” at 2,526 – 3,129 … and that’s just for exact matches. The long tail and sub-domain potential for this URL is potentially game changing – and YOU would get to drive the creative development of this site.

BOTTOM LINE: Bare Necessities needs someone who can be a force and driver in this role — someone who has a strong vision, can listen, and sell their ideas to the rest of the company. Someone who can make major changes to the brand and artistic direction of the site.

The ideal candidate must inspire the brand to be elegant, friendly, accessible, inviting, and exceptional.

The basic business premise is that getting a package from Bare Necessities should be like getting a present. We’re looking for a Creative Director who can come up with “wow” type ideas rather than make incremental changes to the site.


To be sure, check out the job posting here.

Then kindly send your resume in Word format to Harry [dot] Joiner [at] EcommerceRecruiter.com.  Please include a link to your design portfolio.

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