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One of the coolest analytics jobs around!

We’re working with Shoe Carnival in their search for an Ecommerce Analyst in Evansville, IN. Shoe Carnival is a chain of over 417 footwear stores located across 35 states. Combining value pricing with a highly entertaining store format, Shoe Carnival is a leading retailer of name brand and private label footwear for the entire family.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: This is the fifth search we’ve done for Shoe Carnival. These are wonderful people, and Evansville is awesome. (Yes, I’ve actually been there.)

The home of rocker John Mellancamp, Evansville is the third largest city in Indiana and it lies within a 200 mile radius of four major metropolitan cities: Indianapolis, Nashville, Louisville, and St. Louis. It’s not in the middle of nowhere. It’s the heart of the midwest — and it has America’s second lowest cost of living.

Where's Evansville

If you’ve never worked in footwear, here’s what you’re stepping into:

The US shoe store industry includes ~25K stores with annual revenue of about $34 billion. Demand is driven by new styles and personal income. Profitability hinges on smart merchandising and competitive pricing. National chains like Shoe Carnival have advantages in purchasing, distribution, and marketing — while regional and local chains compete by stocking specialty products and localizing customer service.

Just 50 companies account for 80% of industry’s revenue.

Shoe Carnival surpassed $1 billion in sales this year, and the firm expects to add dozens of stores per year in the next 10 years, taking it to 700 stores total. The company has nearly tripled in size in the past 12 years, and every major metric is headed in the right direction: Number of stores; Sales; Revenue growth; number of states with stores; number of employees; and more. Shoe Carnival has NO DEBT and has plenty of cash in the bank.

In addition to selling famous name brands, Shoe Carnival offers private label products. The firm prides itself on being a family footwear retailer primarily to the mid-market, and its “open inventory” concept has allowed it to differentiate itself with self-service value backed by incredible staff support.

Shoe Carnival’s stores are famously interactive, often featuring an in-store emcee on a microphone announcing specials, engaging guests with crazy trivia questions to give away merchandise, and doing different things to interact with customers to personalize the experience and make it just plain fun.

This shopping-as-entertainment concept has worked like a charm because consumers WANT a gratifying shopping experience (duh!) with a retailer that actually gets smarter about their needs and values each time they touch it. Omnichannel is the foundation of SC’s value prop, and data is the critical enabler.

That’s where YOU come in.

As Shoe Carnival’s new Ecommerce Analyst, you’ll collect and analize data to evaluate existing and potential online markets. You’ll use traffic tracking applications to recognize user patterns and trends, and you’ll assist in the implementation and improvement the firm’s ecom programs. To win in this role, you’ll need to be intellectually curious, have an outstanding business acumen, and have a proven ability to transform complex analysis into clear, meaningful recommendations.

Easy, right?

As usual, we have a crazy amount of proprietary information to share with HIGHLY QUALIFIED candidates regarding this client’s industry, culture, underlying economics, and ecommerce strategy. Our market research alone for this search exceeds 50 pages!! Believe me, you don’t want to apply without this intel. To request this packet of research, CLICK HERE. Or simply use the link at the bottom of this page.

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Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the company’s overall strategy to leverage and optimize digital data (customer, website, mobile app, financial, risk, etc.) to drive business results.
  • Partner with other analysts and business partners to create and present a cross-functional view of the customer.
  • Partner with others to improve the customer experience.
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders and IT on development/improvement of Shoe Carnival’s data collection tools, data warehousing, and presentation layers.
  • Integrate data from different sources and track online performance as it relates to the total multi-channel business.
  • Provide critical analysis and recommendations based on analysis (“data driven insights”).
  • Assist in Omni-channel tracking.
  • Assist in data preparation and investigation for ad hoc research requests.
  • Develop benchmark criteria for measuring digital metrics through usage of the most actionable KPIs including the gathering of reporting requirements.
  • Support analysis and creation of a variety of types of reports (executive, sales, consumer insights, customer performance, category insights), doing deep data mining where required.

Requirements (knowledge, skills, and abilities):

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or relevant discipline.
  • 4+ years of work experience in an analytics discipline, preferably in eCommerce or Digital.
  • Demonstrated ability to tie web data and offline data together effectively. Able to prioritize and establish the analytics strategy for the site to deliver actionable insights.
  • Ability to knit together website analytics and customer attribute data to deliver robust insights into customer behavior at Shoe Carnival. Including experience with integrating external customer and industry data into the internal corporate processes (social media, search engine, pricing trends, partner customer database, third party behavioral and targeting data).
  • Thorough knowledge, understanding and experience with data analytics, web analytics, segmentation, multivariate analysis, Excel, BI software.
  • Exceptionally strong quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving skills with a propensity to take things apart and see how they work.
  • Passion for the online space with a solid understanding of interactive channels (search, online media, website development, etc.) and direct marketing principles.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills along with interpersonal and influencing skills (at all levels internally, externally and cross-functionally) including expert Excel and data display presentation.
  • Self-directed and self-motivated with a demonstrated strength in planning, organizing and project management skills to meet deadline.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and execute on assigned deliverables.
  • Ability to quickly learn new systems and business processes.
  • Ability to work with technical & non-technical stakeholders to deliver analysis & insight.
  • Good working knowledge of CRM.

Applications for this position are being coordinated by Allan Seibert. To apply, CLICK HERECandidates, please be sure to email Allan for additional information that will differentiate you in your candidacy.

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