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One of the coolest NY ecommerce Jobs around!

We are working with PexCard in their search for a world-class Digital Campaign Manager, Email and Lead Nurturing based in New York City.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: The day of this search’s kickoff call, I needed gas for my Honda Odyssey. So on the way to pick up my kids from school, I pulled into a convenience store. Thirsty, I ran inside for a 20 oz Diet Mountain Dew. In line with me were 3 guys who had piled out of a refueling landscaping truck to come inside to buy an arm load of chips, sodas, and a pickled pigs foot. When it was their turn to pay, the shift supervisor put the entire purchase on his credit card.

My guess is that their company paid for the whole thing — chips and all.

As the owner of a small business, that got my attention. I’m a pretty nice guy, but I’m not inclined to “foot” the bill on such purchases. I would have paid for the fuel — but the snacks? Normally, no. Which brings me to the concept behind the PEX Card.

Founded in 2007, PEX Card is a business prepaid card company launched specifically to help companies streamline employee expense management. As the prepaid card industry’s first turnkey commercial card program, the PEX Prepaid Visa Card program provides customers with online tools for budgeting and controlling pre­funded deposits that employees use for daily spending. PEX Card can limit transactions by category, size, and geography. Very cool.

Through business prepaid card transactions, the PEX Card Service provides visibility into cash flow while simultaneously maximizing oversight and managing risk. With 24/7 access from computers or mobile devices anywhere, administrators can control purchases by all approved cardholders — so business owners don’t end up paying for maverick outlays.

A quick rundown of PEX Card’s benefits include:

  • Integration: Companies can leverage the PEX API for custom implementations that tie right into expense management systems.
  • Upfront pricing: Unlike cards for consumer use, PEX Cards come with no fees beyond the monthly maintenance — and even that is waived for heavy users.
  • Streamlined reporting: Where traditional reporting means financial officers need to collect receipts, put together reconciliations and generate reports, PEX Card’s streamlined reporting allows financial officers to instantly see the expenses and generate automated responses.
  • Petty cash made easy: The process of dispensing cash can be complex and carries risks. By switching to the PEX card, employers make paying for fuel and food expenses easier.

Rated A+ by the BBB, PEX Card has gotten loads of press in media outlets like The Street, USA Today, Inc., Business2Community, TechCrunch, and more. These folks actually have 15K likes on Facebook. When’s the last time you “liked” a debit card on Facebook? (Never, right?)

It’s a great time to be a prepaid debit card provider.

Since 2010 the industry has enjoyed strong growth as the U.S. economy’s slow recovery actually played to this industry’s strength: For small-to-midsized businesses, the Durbin Amendment drove up banking fees which made prepaid cards more attractive. Additionally, growth in online retail purchases by SMBs have stoked demand for prepaid cards in order to complete online transactions. Through 2020 industry revenue is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 10.2% to $9.2 billion. Giddy up!

About the Role

Under the direct supervision of the VP, Digital Marketing, the Digital Campaign Manager, Email & Lead Nurturing is responsible for the development and execution outbound email campaigns and automated email marketing campaigns that drive growth by nurturing leads. The job requires experience with all facets of email marketing and a strong command of marketing automation platforms, web analytics tools and CRM systems.

To win in the role, you will need to be a creative problem solver and have a proven ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams. We’re looking for someone who can deliver a smartly segmented prospect database that drives campaigns that deliver highly qualified leads to PEX Card’s Sales team.

Sounds like a great gig, right?

As usual, we have a massive amount of proprietary intel to share with qualified candidates. (My industry research for this assignment exceeds 50 pages!)

If you have the passion for email and inbound marketing and a strong desire to work in an entrepreneurial culture, this could be the right role for you. For more information about this role, the company, and the industry — hit me up below.

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  • Email Marketing – Develop and execute multi-step, email campaigns. Measure results and optimize the lead nurturing workflows for a wide variety of segments and personas to convert leads into completed applications and qualified leads for the sales team.
  • Outbound Email Marketing – Procure and test email lists to drive new leads through outbound email marketing campaigns. Test subject lines, creatives and offers to continually improve response rates.
  • Organizational Email Support – Develop and support ad hoc email needs of sales and marketing teams.
  • Collaboration – Work closely across a variety of target industries, the inside sales team and third party vendors to coordinate the execution of campaigns and continually monitor performance.
  • Database Management – Maintain the integrity and effectiveness of our database by cleaning, importing, and appending data. Understand the best ways to segment and leverage email lists asset to build effective campaigns and improve lead management.
  • Marketing Automation – Use marketing automation tools to deliver timely and relevant emails and turn data into actionable tools for sales and executives. Recognize inefficient processes and growth opportunities and leverage marketing automation to reach corporate goals.
  • Lead Management – Understand and enhance the systems that manage, qualify, and score prospects.
  • Display Retargeting – Experience executing banner ad retargeting campaigns across ad networks and Facebook.
  • Optimization – Perform A/B and multivariate testing on landing pages to lead gen efforts.
  • Analytics – Use tools like Google Analytics to analyze campaign performance and user behavior.
  • Reporting – Develop comprehensive dashboards to report on program performance.


  • Maintain user confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.
  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field.
  • 5-7 years of experience with lead nurturing applications such as Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, and Eloqua or similar outbound marketing system.
  • Management of paid Facebook campaigns a plus.
  • Hands-on experience with or similar CRM solution.
  • Strong oral communication and writing skills.
  • Advanced reporting, Excel, and PowerPoint skills.
  • Quantitative and detail-oriented with a strong desire to continually improving campaign performance.
  • Technology-savvy, with keen interest in emerging technologies including marketing automation, lead management strategies (lead scoring, lead nurturing, etc.), CRM systems and sales processes.


  • Ad agency experience.
  • MS degree in Marketing.


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