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HARRY’S COMMENTS: Not too long ago, I encountered the following Ayn Rand quote online …

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As someone who’s been completely self-employed since 2001, I’ve come nose-to-nose with my own faults and limitations, and I understand that (at times) I can inflict more harm on myself than any competitor could. I know what happens when freedom becomes license. I’ve seen my professional life soar — then crash and burn — and then, slowly, soar again. For me, crashing and burning in 2003 happened the same way Mike Campbell went bankrupt in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

“Gradually, then suddenly.”

I know a thing or two about rebuilding my life, professionally speaking. But I’ve never had to rebuild my life personally. So far, I’ve been spared the horrors of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Thank Heaven.

Several years ago, one of my close relatives developed a very nasty drug habit, and she ended up in rehab. At first, drugs were great at helping her avoid reality — but they couldn’t help her avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. Gradually her habit worsened. Then suddenly, she was desperately hooked — and homeless.

Eventually, we got her into rehab.

The facility that treated her was a Godsend, and I’m not sure how my family would have managed to clean her up without it. Realistically, my relative owes her life to that facility.

Candidates: I’m sharing this story with you because, in my book, there’s nothing better than doing well by doing good. I make it a policy to never take a search with a company I wouldn’t want my own child to work for, but rarely do I get a chance to work with a company that exists (literally) to save lives.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Advanced Recovery Systems (“ARS”) treats people with substance abuse problems and it owns and operates a number of state-of-the-art regional facilities. The firm’s treatment philosophy is centered on evidence-based models that include therapeutic learning, cognitive-based healing, and medication assistance.

ARS’ methods WORK, and its facilities can provide a number of different treatment settings, including Medically assisted detox; Residential treatment; Partial hospitalization; Intensive outpatient treatment; Traditional outpatient treatment; Sober housing; and Aftercare. It’s a great business with very favorable underlying economics run by smart, likeable people.

About the Market for Mental Health / Substance Abuse Services …

According to First Research, the US mental health and substance abuse services industry includes about 17,000 establishments (single-location companies plus units of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $26 billion. The industry is highly fragmented, with the top 50 outpatient companies accounting for less than 20% of segment revenue and the top 50 residential companies accounting for 25% of segment revenue. Translation: There’s PLENTY of room for profitable growth in this space.

About the Role

As ARS’ new Director of Digital Marketing, you will manage a group of agencies that offer content creation, organic search traffic (SEO), paid traffic (PPC), conversion rate optimization (CRO), website designers and developers. You will ensure that ARS’ agencies make smart decisions based on data, not assumptions, and verify that their assumptions are properly tested. Additionally, you will be responsible for gathering and analyzing data, making recommendations, and ensuring appropriate adjustments are made to improve the firm’s marketing.

Currently, there are no other digital marketers on staff because the lead gen function has been outsourced to an agency. ARS is in the process of moving to a new agency and will expect you to take over the management of this new group. ARS will expect you to refine / redefine its lead gen strategy with the new agency that is going to DO the work the old agency was doing. We’re looking for someone who has experience in lead generation which will be done through SEO, SEM, email, content, video, whatever. All ARS cares about is lower marketing costs / higher admissions / and making sure that your lead gen tactics reflect well on its brand.

Here is just some of what I covered in my kickoff call with ARS:

  • How large is the company currently? (Revenue, Number of locations, Profitability, etc)
  • How many leads are currently generated per month? (Per location, Per marketing channel)
  • Which program is most important, what are the earnings differences between the various modalities and treatment types (detox, inpatient, outpatient, aftercare), (eating disorder, drug addiction, alcohol addiction)
  • How many beds exist per location?
  • What plans exist for expansion? Over what time frame?
  • What is the average value of an acquired customer?
  • What does it cost to service a customer?
  • What is the average conversion rate of the current lead base?
  • What are the primary channels used to acquire leads?
  • What are the primary methods leads are captured? (Electronic form; Electronic message; Walk-in; Inbound call)
  • What amount is being spent in each channel?
  • What are the short term issues needing to be addressed?
  • What metrics will this position be responsible for?
  • Who staffs live chat? Who staffs for inbound calls? How about calls after-hours?
  • Who does the position report to within the org?
  • Who owns live chat component?
  • What CRM is being used to store prospective patient information and ensure appropriate follow up and marketing / sales communication?
  • What marketing automation is being used to take interested parties through the funnel and to generate inbound calls to the admissions teams?

Now obviously, I’m not going to share this intel with just anyone. Heck no. But I will share bits and pieces of it with highly qualified candidates as their candidacies progress. For now, all you need to know is that this is a FANTASTIC, SIX FIGURE, HOME BASED job that will afford you with plenty of room for personal and professional growth. All things being EQUAL, priority consideration will be given to candidates who will move to Fort Lauderdale or Orlando.

Either way, if you’d like to know more about this role, please hit me up below.

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  • Develop and lead the digital marketing strategy to achieve the company’s goals
  • Manage outside Agencies (Content Creation, SEO, SEM and CRO) that generate traffic and leads for call centers to conversion to treatment center clients
  • Oversee website design changes and scheduled content delivery
  • Analyze all marketing efforts for effectiveness, and adjust or pivot as necessary
  • Communicate the status of the Digital Marketing plan to non-Marketing C level personnel
  • Create scalable, innovative approaches to extracting, managing, and analyzing data from marketing efforts.
  • Develop vision for analytics architecture, various predictive models, and efficient workflow across marketing.
  • Work with Current VP of Business Development and Branding to ensure cohesiveness with overall marketing, public relations and branding strategy


  • BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience.
  • Experience managing outside marketing Agencies that specialize in SEO, SEM, CRO, etc.)
  • Leadership experience with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, who may be either data-driven or more qualitative.
  • Technical experience to oversee website UX and design improvements and developer responsibilities
  • Experience with content management in a multi site environment
  • You must be analytical and able to extract meaning from data and use this to optimize an Agency’s approach and a company’s forecast.
  • Experience with analytic techniques, statistical modeling, and web analytics technologies.
  • Ability to extract meaning and suggest action items from data, not just report metrics.
  • Expert in HubSpot Analytics, Microsoft Excel, and Google Analytics, at minimum.
  • Deep understanding of web-related behaviors and trends and ability to optimize for these.


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