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Featured Listings

  1. NEWEcommerce Manager (Duquesne, PA) – Full write-up
  2. NEWIT Manager / Software Developer (Miami, FL) – Full write-up
  3. NEWVP of Business Development (HOME BASED) – Full write-up
  4. NEWDir. Ecom Web Development (Redwood City, CA) – Full write-up
  5. NEWDirector of Ecommerce (Metro Boston, MA) – Full write-up
  6. NEWDirector of Ecommerce (Metro Detroit, MI) – Full write-up
  7. Director of Online Marketing (Philadelphia, PA) – Full write-up
  8. VP of Ecommerce (Austin, Texas) – Full write-up
  9. Director, Online Marketing (Walnut Creek, CA) – Full write-up
  10. Sr. Director, Digital Strategy (New York, NY) – Full write-up
  11. Operations Manager – $60K base (Atlanta, GA) – Full write-up
  12. Director of Marketing (New Castle, DE) – Full write-up
  13. Sr. Manager, Digital Communication (New York, NY) – Full write-up
  14. Digital Marketing Manager (New Castle, DE) – Full write-up
  15. Digital Marketing Manager (New York, NY) – Full write-up
  16. Ecommerce Marketing Manager (San Francisco) – Full write-up
  17. Director of Omni-Channel Marketing (Boise, ID) – Full write-up
  18. Director Ecommerce Marketing (Cincinnati, OH) – Full write-up
  19. Email Marketing Manager (Houston, TX) – Full write-up
  20. VP of Ecommerce Marketing (Simi Valley, CA) – Full write-up
  21. Sr. Manager, Global Digital Merch (Boca Raton, FL) – Full write-up
  22. Ecommerce Consultant (New York, NY or Atlanta, GA) – Full write-up

Contingency Searches

  1. NEWAssoc Content Strategist (Los Angeles, CA)
  2. NEWWeb Analytics Technical Lead (Brandon, FL)
  3. NEWWeb Analytics Manager (Brandon, FL)
  4. NEWDirector of Ecommerce (New York, NY)
  5. Digital Marketing Manager (Los Angeles, CA)
  6. Director of Site UX + Merchandising (Los Angeles, CA)
  7. UX Designer (Los Angeles, CA)
  8. Digital Media Manager (Clearwater, FL)
  9. Web Analyst (Clearwater, FL) – HOLD

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