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We are working with ModMerica in their search for an Ecommerce Manager based in San Diego. ModMerica is a company with two online retails sites: ModDeals and 10DollarMall. Both sites have healthy online sales, but each serves a different market.

One of the coolest ecommerce manager jobs in SoCal.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: 10DollarMall markets primarily to urban, ethnic females between the ages of 18 and 35. These consumers come from the lower income bracket and are comfortable buying inexpensive clothing. The firm’s website and its 12 SoCal-based stores offer consumers a low cost, one-stop shop for children’s, women’s, and men’s clothing and accessories.

A major cohort within the 10DollarMall housefile is African American female, like Ms. China Natasha (below), who’s obviously a big fan of the brand. This is a user generated “haul” video, which is produced by the consumer as a way to express herself and to educate others about 10DollarMall. Note the very positive things China says about 10DollarMall’s pricing, merchandise, and customer service …

While ModMerica does not specifically target the black population, it’s a very good thing that their 10DollarMall brand resonates with this market: According to The University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth, black buying power is rising, from $316 billion in 1990 to $1.038 trillion in 2012 and projected $1.307 trillion in 2017. The 2000-12 gain of 73% in black spending outstrips the 60% increase in white buying power and the 67 percent increase in buying power of all consumers. All online retailers would be well advised to check out this special report from Advertising Age magazine on the black consumer.

In contrast to 10DollarMall, ModDeals markets to “Vanessa,” who is very interested in fashion yet has a hard time affording premium brands. She understands quality fashion and seeks clothing that is trend right and fashionable yet still in her price range. Vanessa understands budgeting and is comfortable operating within her means. Vanessa might be a college student who might otherwise shop at Forever21.

Although both of these sites are doing VERY well in terms of their traffic, AOV’s, and conversion rates, the lion’s share of the sites’ growth will come from increasing acquisition through SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing and email. Additionally, given the demographics of both sites’ customers, mobile and social commerce look to figure into ModMerica’s growth. Naturally, success in any of these channels will require ModMerica’s new Ecom Manager to bring their Analytics A-game to the role, too.

As always, we’ve got great deal of intel to share with qualified candidates regarding each site’s numbers and growth objectives — and how you can best support them. If you are a well-rounded ecommerce marketer with a track record of success in organic and paid search, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Working closely with internal and external resources in the development and execution of marketing strategies.
  • Overseeing online marketing, including budgeting, ROI justification and team management.
  • Revenue and margin performance and efficient spends for SEO, affiliate, and other customer acquisition efforts.
  • Monitoring analysis of marketing programs to make improvements.
  • Leading the effort to grow organic search engine traffic and conversion. This may include leveraging ModDels’ SEO vendor(s) to develop and implement SEO strategy, campaigns and programs.
  • Creation of email segmentation strategies that maximize customer life cycle and profitability.
  • Driving SEM channel (keyword expansion; ad copy, ad grouping, landing page optimization; testing; analysis; etc.)
  • Researching and development of link-building partnerships
  • Development and oversight of strategies to grow affiliate, comparison shopping, retargeting and email marketing channels with a focus on ROI and customer acquisition
  • Tracking, reporting, and analyzing ModDeals’ PPC initiatives and campaigns, including understanding attribution analysis and impact of lifetime value
  • Working with selected media outlets to secure publicity for ModDeals’ retail offerings
  • Management of multi-variate (MVT) and A/B testing programs
  • Working with designers to create page versions necessary for testing
  • Holding regular team meetings for latest information on merchandise, trends, availability of promotion
  • Performance of extensive A/B tests of email strategy, including delivery timing, creative layout, tailored offers, and subject line testing to develop best practices for ongoing email campaigns


  • 3+ years experience in web marketing environment
  • 3-5 years experience in retail operations capacity, preferably with a multi-channel retailer
  • Knowledge of ecommerce operations
  • Experience designing / improving online customer experiences
  • Experience managing PPC campaigns across Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Expert knowledge of performance marketing, conversion, and online customer acquisition strategies.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel. You should love spreadsheets and working with data.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, work within a marketing team, and work with other departments in a matrixed environment.
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Must be detail oriented and supportive of co-workers.

Applications for this position are being coordinated by Allan Seibert. To apply, CLICK HERECandidates, please be sure to email Allan for additional information that will differentiate you in your candidacy. Based on our 60 minute intake call with hiring manager Jake Risman, we have more than a dozen pages of inside information on this client that is sure to help you crush these extremely competitive interviews.

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