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One of the best copywriter jobs in America.

We are working with FKQ Advertising in their search for a Sr. Copywriter based in Clearwater, FL. As one of our top clients, FKQ is a full-service ad agency that has been in business for 50 years. As true partners with their clients, FKQ goes beyond just providing strategy and purchasing media. They’re a seamless extension of their clients and provide any service that helps grow the client’s business. This kind of partnership leads to longstanding relationships that go back further than 25 years.

At FKQ, “Whatever It Takes” (WIT) is more than a philosophy. It’s in their DNA. It is the guiding principle they put into practice every single day. They explore. They discover new ideas. They bring strategic insight to life with a passion for great work and generating results.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: Reporting to the Group Creative Director, FKQ seeks a Sr. Copywriter to concept and craft powerful short-form and long-form advertising copy. This means having a reliable process for connecting emotionally with your readers so that they’ll trust your copy … and take a specific action.

What does it mean to have a “process” for writing great copy?

  1. It means that you understand that a great sales message is the promise of a better life, and that you know where and how to research your readers to understand what that better life means to them. (This is called affinity, btw, and it is the single most important ingredient to writing copy that sells.)
  2. It means that you understand the difference between a good idea and a cliched one. And it means that you know how to interview clients in search of a “hook” — such as John Carlton’s “one legged golfer” or Gary Halbert’s “desperate nerd from Ohio.”
  3. It means that you don’t believe in writer’s block – at least not in the sense that it’s anything other than procrastination.
  4. It means that you tend to write at least 20 wildly different headlines and subheads just to get your blood moving — and that these headlines are informed by the specific purpose of each piece (ie, to make a sale; to generate a sales lead; to drive the reader to a squeeze page, yada yada yada).
  5. It means that you have a swipe file, and can use it to inspire both short-form and long-form copywriting assignments.
  6. It means that you understand the purpose of all of the graphic elements of an advertisement, including the headline; subheadline; photo; caption; copy; paragraph headings; logo; price; response device; and overall layout.
  7. It means that you know how to construct a proper offer — which is always preceded by a logical sales argument that uses your readers’ emotional “hot buttons” to the drive the desired response.
  8. It means that you have copywriting heroes like Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, John Caples, Vic Schwab, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, and Joe Karbo (and that you have rewritten by hand all of their best work).
  9. It means that you have read Triggers by Joe Sugarman and understand when and how to tap all 30 emotional triggers, whether it’s Authority, Consistency, Credibility, Exclusivity, Greed, Hope, Specificity, and more.
  10. It means that you have a home library of hard-to-find and out-of-print copywriting classics, and that you appreciate the importance of going to your local public library to review all competitive historical advertisements that have run in the same publications as your forthcoming advertisement.
  11. Perhaps more than anything, it means that, in the words of John Carlton (seen below), you understand that good writing, powered by basic street-level relatability, is invisible to the reader and that your reader should not be aware that he’s reading something. Instead, your copy should melt into the conversation already going on in your reader’s head so that you can quickly bond with even hostile audiences …

Kids, this role goes way beyond writing nice headlines, calls-to-actions, and slick closes. It’s all about being able to …

  1. Construct and communicate ideas that enable your readers to trust your voice and become absorbed into your client’s world.
  2. Open your reader’s mind to new ideas when necessary.
  3. Establish authority with your readers so that your client is positioned as the “go-to” resource in their marketplace.

Indeed, that’s why they’ve hired FKQ (and why FKQ wants to hire YOU). The world is awash in dull, boring, and institutional content — which only heightens the importance of your helping FKQ’s clients stand out from the crowd. If you’re up to that task, then we want to hear from you.


  • 7+ years of advertising agency experience
  • Experience writing for all media, both short and long form.
  • Precise attention to detail.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred, with an iron grip on the English language

Key Responsibilities

  • Strong concepting skills, able to work independently or within a creative team.
  • Presentation skills, able to present internally and to FKQ’s clients in person or via phone or WebEx.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Initiative, enthusiasm and the ability to work well with others

Applications and interviews for this position are being coordinated by Richard Pirkle. To apply, CLICK HERECandidates, please be sure to email Richard for additional information that will differentiate you in your candidacy. In your email, please provide a link to your creative samples along with a category listing of client experience. Please note client names or industries.

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