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We are working with Greenbox Art + Culture in its search for a Director of Ecommerce based in sunny San Diego, CA. Greenbox links today’s best working artists to consumers seeking high-quality contemporary wall art. The company manages a portfolio of three brands: Oopsy Daisy (for kids); Wheatpaste (for teens and students); and GreenBox (for adults). Together these three lines provide appropriate and engaging art offerings for each stage of life. Take a look at this video for OopsyDaisy …

The Director of Ecommerce will be responsible for Greenbox’s entire ecommerce business and will have the ability to evaluate and analyze the firm’s overall ecommerce performance. That means developing and executing a comprehensive web strategy across all three brands. In this role, you’ll utilize analytics and optimization tools to justify improvements to Greenbox’s sites while making recommendations to the firm’s management team regarding online marketing spend, technical projects, and more.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: Creative, fun, unique, fresh, and all-around awesome – if this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, GreenBox Art + Culture might be the place for you. I’ve got six kids, and I can already tell that my wife will be doing a ton of business with these folks.

GreenBox connects working artists with people seeking wall art that mirrors their individuality through each stage of life. With three brands under the GreenBox name, the firm produces and markets wall decor for children, adults, and everything in between. By partnering with a vast network of non-company stores across North America and beyond, plus direct-to-consumer websites, the GreenBox family of brands can target wholesale and retail markets across the globe.

Here’s a deeper look at the brands …

  1. GreenBox Art + Culture – GreenBox works with artists from around the world to offer contemporary pieces filled with color and emotion. A GreenBox canvas transforms spaces in both residential and commercial applications and each is created and hand-stretched in the company’s San Diego studio using the giclee method of digital printing.

  2. Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids – As the most recognized of GreenBox’s brands, Oopsy Daisy is ranked the #1 source for engaging art products for kids. Founded 13 years ago by husband and wife team Tom and Karen Capp, its current collection includes more than 4,000 works of art by over 200 artists. The line includes stretched canvas wall art, plus an assortment of custom room decor options including personalized growth charts, fabric wall decals, night lights, lamps, and placemats. This job will entail prioritizing growth in direct-to-consumer sales as well as nourishing the existing wholesale relationships.

  3. Wheatpaste Art Collective – Wheatpaste is the natural next step for fans of Oopsy Daisy who now seek art solutions for their tweens and teens. By focusing on the youth market, the Wheatpaste collection provides appropriate but cool art for teens and young adults, plus “totally rad” solutions for dorm and apartment dwellers. The line encompasses both stretched canvas art and wall decals, including the line’s signature “Poster That Sticks” which provides a great way to decorate without tape, tacks, or nails. As the newest brand under GreenBox, growth in direct-to-consumer sales is of utmost importance.

The day after my project kickoff call with the GreenBox hiring committee, my wife and I received an Oopsy Daisy care package and two print catalogs. My kids adored the merchandise, and the catalogs were spectacular – really first rate! If you decide to apply for this position, I would strongly encourage you to order a catalog to get a sense of the TLC that goes into each GreenBox product.

With such a tight-knit and creative environment, GreenBox tends to attract hard-working but hard-playing employees. Employees come from all walks of life and include a former horseshoe world champion, a food blogger, and a designer who lives on a houseboat — in San Diego. How cool is that?

About the Market:

Although GreenBox’s brands reproduce and distribute wall art, it’s a mistake to classify them as art dealers in the conventional sense. Oopsy Daisy’s products satisfy parents’ desires to spruce up their kids’ rooms with friendly art easily and affordably. GreenBox adds meaning to surroundings with real canvas wall art, and Wheatpaste allows customers in short-term living spaces (apartments, dorms, teenagers’ rooms, etc.) to flaunt their individuality with high-quality fabric-based wall decals. The company’s AOV on the web is $150, which is north of and south of Sotheby’s.

In a sense, GreenBox’s competitive sandbox is a hybrid:

On the high end, the U.S. art industry includes approximately 5,000 dealers with combined annual revenue of ~$6 billion. On the low end, the U.S. paint/wallpaper store industry includes approximately 3,000 companies that operate about 8,000 stores with combined annual revenue of around $8 billion. All of these players are competing for the consumer’s “wall decor dollar.”

But the market opportunity is GIANT: If you have a wall, you have the need to hang something on it. Typically, trends in construction, remodeling, and home sales significantly affect demand for wall hangings. During difficult economic periods, residential customers may delay remodeling projects or use less expensive pieces – although the exclusive, one-of-a-kind nature of GreenBox’s product line insulates it somewhat against price competition.

Overall, GreenBox is a great business with solid margins. They are:

  • Vertically integrated
  • Provide unique and proprietary product to a well-defined, affordably reachable, emotionally arousable market.
  • Market effectively thorugh multiple channels, including the wholesale trade, Amazon and other online retailers.

Beyond that, the nice thing about GreenBox family of sites is user experience. At $6 million in yearly sales, the company is much smaller than many of my current clients. However, GreenBox’s family of sites have a unified look and feel that are “on brand” while being intuitively easy to navigate (kudos to them for getting the UX right!).

Now, the company is ready to take its online business to the next level. The trick is going to be prioritizing your time and resources around these sites.

That’s where you come in …

According to Tom Capp, Greenbox’s President, OopsyDaisy is the top priority, at least in the short term. It’s the largest of the sites and it enjoys the lowest bounce rate and the highest number of email subscribers of the three. In five years, Tom would like to see the company’s consumer online business grow to approximately 25% of the company’s total sales, with Oopsy accounting for 40% of that number. Success will mean driving high quality traffic to while reducing Oopsy’s bounce rate.

In your first 100 days, management would like to see you dig into Google analytics to assess the company’s current e-commerce situation and develop a strategy to grow the business. Such an assessment would involve taking a hard look at Greenbox’s site as it pertains to organic search, where meaningful improvements could have a positive impact on the company’s Adwords quality scores.

Greenbox’s hiring committee was kind enough to share a BUNCH of candid information about each site’s bounce rate, conversion rate, email house file size, average order values, and more. Be sure to ask us for that when you apply. These interviews will involve an honest, reality-based discussion about your ability to grow the business.

Principle Duties:

  • Represent No Boundaries in a positive manner with all prospective, current and former customers, clients and suppliers
  • Handle confidential information with tact and discretion
  • Manage all 3 ecommerce sites – lead and ensure timely execution of site updates including product photos, ad copy, merchandising, traffic reads, partner sites, link building, and site enhancement strategies
  • Evaluate web site performance, outline results and make improvements, along with strategies for performance optimization
  • Develop and execute comprehensive web strategy to include enhancing the user experience while driving sales, return traffic and increased average traffic and sales order dollar volume/conversions through on-line promotions, blog, back linking, SEO, UX, SEM and other on-line marketing outlets
  • Utilize analytics fully, quickly reacting to the knowledge gained from the statistics and executing new strategies based on the information. Ability to prioritize where to best utilize company resources and budget is key, seeking the most return for each investment chosen.
  • Develop regular analysis and reporting to track sales and inform future business decisions
  • Develop solutions for online marketing with adherence to best practices, up-to-date technology (such as customer success stories, video tours/demos, surveys and the like) and the integration of user feedback for continued improvements
  • Lead IT team in regards to integration of all company systems, website coding and understand scope of project and timetable. Outline all new projects, set tasks and deadlines for each task ensuring completion of projects on-time and within set budgets
  • Interface with, coordinate with, and influence third party providers to implement improvements to ecommerce site and company-wide systems.
  • Work with management team to define the scope, technical needs, budget and benefit analysis for projects with site-wide implications
  • Identify needs for new technologies and present to management team proposed company usage of these improvements, while including cost/benefit analysis
  • Monitor and analyze social media trends and on-line sales strategies and systems of competitors keeping the rest of the management team informed as to how these market shifts could impact our brand
  • Motivate the IT team and staff working on digital marketing to increase job satisfaction and drive successful completion of company initiatives
  • Responsible for growth and direction of our social media work (both internal and external parties involved) ensuring that we put forth good quality work on agreed upon schedules for blogs, FB, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo and other emerging technologies
  • Collaborate with product team to develop appropriate means of showing and selling new product categories on our site prior to launch

Other duties:

  • Attend weekly Manager Meeting
  • Complete and compile weekly department Close of Business (COB) reports for other managerial staff
  • Help keep office area clean and organized
  • Administer discipline and staff evaluations in accordance with company policy
  • Perform other functions as necessary or assigned
  • Equipment/Tools Used: Phone, Computer, Fax, Copier, Mail Station and other normal office equipment
  • Knowledge: 5-7+ years of online web experience, Degree in computer science, marketing, business, or other related field
  • Skills: Professional verbal and written communication ability required. Previous experience managing others. Attention to detail. Flexibility and the ability to react positively to rapidly evolving business requirements. Extensive experience with a variety of internet marketing strategies. Comprehensive understanding of consumer site behavior through web analytics/metrics and selling performance. Proficiency with web development technology and terminology

UPDATE: This search is now closed.

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