Hi Gang!

I’ve got a great search for you this week, but I can’t tell you anything about it.

You heard me.

Regrettably, this client has a wonderful story to tell, but they won’t let me tell it. Given the incredibly competitive nature of their industry and the fact that they are backed by some tight-lipped VC’s, they have asked to disclose neither their identity nor their industry. This is a first for me, and it doesn’t give me much to work with.

However, I took the search for three reasons:

  1. I swear by the product and the underlying economics of the business are incredibly favorable,
  2. The client has decided to relocate its ecommerce business to either Austin, Seattle, Raleigh, or Minneapolis. As the new VP of Marketing, YOU GET TO PICK!!
  3. To test my own creativity. I figure if I can market a search without telling you anything about the client or their product, I must be pretty good. 😉

So let’s play a game:

I’ll describe the industry, and if you are the first person to correctly identify it in an email to me, I will send you a $50 Amazon gift certificate.  BONUS:  If you can guess the industry AND the client, I’ll send you a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Send entries to Harry.Joiner [at] EcommerceRecruiter.com

Candidates, please email your resumes to my attention as well.  Be sure to put the words “MYSTERY JOB” in your email’s subject field.

Ready? Okay: This is not a startup. The client, based in one of the cities mentioned above, is already a member of the Inc. 500.  It is a leader in a high-growth category of a product used by everyone. There isn’t a single person anywhere on earth who hasn’t used this product on at least one occasion.

The client has a $40 million online business, with 500,000 monthly unique visits. 15% of that traffic comes from search engines, and the client expects to take its paid search budget run $2 million to $10 million in the next 24 months. Currently, the client’s conversion rate is 7% on an average order value of $90. There are 10,000 SKUs on the client’s site. This is a highly data-driven company, and quantitative talents are essential.

Very often, even diehard nudists use this product.

Apart from its own website, the client sells its products through some of the world’s top online retailers. Yet it wants to grow its own ecommerce business. In order to do that, the company’s new VP of Marketing must have world-class chops in the following functional areas (roughly ranked in order of impact and priority):

– Paid search
– Organic search
– Online catalog management
– Content management systems
– Web design and user experience
– Email marketing
– Comparison-shopping engines and online market places
– Affiliate marketing
– Mobile commerce
– Ecommerce platforms
– Social media

There’s a small team of people working in the marketing department, but the client needs to staff-up through hiring and contract relationships in order to sustain its growth. In particular, they need A-players in Business Intelligence, Pricing, Brand Development, and Product Management (so keep my number handy).

Depending on which city you choose for the business, you must be able to identify, recruit, hire, onboard, manage, measure and motivate top ecommerce talent. It might help if you pick a city filled with great ecommerce vendors, too.

This is not a workout or turnaround. The company is very well-run by handful of smart, likable executives. The category’s best days are ahead of it, too.  And if you’re any good at all, the rising tide should float your ship: Consumption of this product is doubling every 20 years, more than twice the rate of population growth. By 2025, demand is expected to rise by 56%.

What is this product?

Harry Joiner | 404.281.2025

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