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We are working with CertusBank in their search for a Director of Ecommerce – Mobile Banking in beautiful Greenville, SC.  I’ve been there, and I’d live there in a heartbeat.  It’s the kind of place you’d want to raise your kids.  See for yourself.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: The US banking industry is massive and includes roughly 6400 commercial banks, 1100 savings banks, and 7200 credit unions with combined annual revenue of nearly $700 billion. The industry is highly consolidated, with the 50 largest banks generating nearly 70% of the industry’s revenue.

As usual, I did some digging and learned that bank profitability usually hinges on three things: great marketing, efficient operations, and strong risk management. Traditionally, large economies of scale have favored major banks, but digital technologies are creating fantastic growth opportunities for smaller banks wanting to expand their footprint in the areas of consumer loans, brokerage services, credit cards, and more.

One of the major knocks on the big banks has been their lack of personal service. (Huntington Post has railed about this.) In the last several years, major banks have pursued automated customer service solutions less as a means to improve customer intimacy, and more as a means to decrease the number of customer service personnel required to eliminate significant expenses. According to TowerGroup, large banks spend around $4 per call center call, and customers receiving electronic invoices from their bank our 65% less likely to call a live customer service rep.

The result is a decline in customer service perceptions among major banks – and that’s where CertusBank enters the picture. Certus is Latin for “certain” – and that’s how CertusBank wants their customer to feel. CertusBank works to earn customer loyalty by delivering service in ways that create real value for both individuals and communities. Backed with $500 million in investment capital and 30 branches in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, CertusBank is the best capitalized bank in the nation and is an aggressive new player in the Southeastern banking market.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the phone with these folks, and they are as nice as they are smart.

The goals for the role of Director of Ecommerce are pretty straightforward:

  1. Drive customer acquisition and reinforce the brand’s value proposition.
  2. Create and enable differentiated product and service offerings.
  3. Build out the ecommerce team on the business and technology side, and
  4. Lead the bank’s mobile initiatives to drive continued growth and innovation.

CertusBank is not married to the idea of hiring only financial services industry types. Instead, CertusBank seeks sharp, inventive outsiders who can deliver new ideas to differentiate the bank’s online and mobile offerings. As CertusBank’s nascent ecommerce strategic roadmap evolves, the Director of Ecommerce will put his/her stamp on it by providing enhancements to the current plan through the rollout and into its long-term implementation.

Internet Retailer Top 500 experience is not necessary to succeed in this role. What is necessary is the candidate’s ability to ask …

  • What’s wrong with financial services sites today?  Specifically.
  • What are the building blocks of the next generation financial services website?
  • How can customers leverage both online and mobile to maximize the value of their relationship with CertusBank?
  • What role will channel integration play in the sale and fulfillment and ongoing servicing and support of financial products?
  • What opportunities are there to develop personal financial management tools that aid online account management while improving cross sell and retention opportunities?

If those questions inspire you and you think you’d like to tackle these issues, I would encourage you to apply below.  As always, I’m only sharing a small part of what I know about the company and the role.  Contact me if you’d like to know more.  For the record, the comp package on this role is outstanding, and the opportunities for both personal and professional growth at CertusBank are enormous.

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Position Overview:

CertusBank’s ecommerce, online and mobile channels will provide a sophisticated, smart and innovative experience that delivers on the core value proposition to customers and future customers. Candidates for the Director of Ecommerce for CertusBank will be responsible for driving the ecommerce, web, online, mobile strategy, business planning and execution to create and extend the reach of the Company brand via a market-leading ecommerce presence.

CertusBank’s ecommerce/Online/Mobile offerings and capabilities are a key and distinct component of the overall business growth and profitability of the company, as well as a primary means for differentiating the company and delivering on its core value proposition.

The Director of Ecommerce will be responsible for refining and implementing the CertusBank corporate wide ecommerce Strategic Roadmap that includes all mobile commerce solutions, social media, websites and other developing technologies with a focus upon short range deliverable and long range planning supporting the day to day operations of the business.

Director of Ecommerce will lead business planning, project planning, design, merchandising and marketing utilizing all resources and tool available to create the best possible customer experience, financial experience and growth.

To fully implement strategies the Director and their team will evaluate and develop strategic relationships with key line of business leaders and stakeholders with the goal of building world class ecommerce capabilities in the financial services space in order to accelerate customer acquisition, broaden the reach of our online brand, support customer acquisition and relationship deepening; all while driving near term growth and profitability.

The new Director will develop and maintain the ecommerce, online, and mobile go to market strategy that effectively markets and drives the growth and strength of the brand and the company.  Additionally, the Director will work collaboratively with CertusBank executive and senior leadership team, key line of business leaders across all segments and product areas, technology and operations, marketing, pricing, vendor management, operational risk and compliance.

Externally, the Director will work with a variety of partners including key vendors, suppliers, trade organization and emerging technologies to deliver the optimal ecommerce product and experience.

Candidates must demonstrate their ability to build an ecommerce organization from ground up. You must be able to envision long term market potential and business opportunities, generate strategies for addressing future market scenarios and position the business to capitalize on them using innovative and analytical thinking.  That means being adept at employing research and customer data and drawing upon best practices to drive the business.

Candidates will also demonstrate the ability to seek out opportunities that are game changing for the business. Candidates must demonstrate a proven track record of driving results. This leader must be able to project the vision and mission of the organization and turn it into viable plans.

The Director will be an inspirational, collaborative leader adept a leading through influence. Successful candidates will serve as a critical change agent, providing insights that drive new ideas, innovation and extraordinary integrated experience across all channels (ecommerce, in person, phone).  The new Director will motivate, lead, develop and coach a team responsible for the design, development and execution and delivery of the overall CertusBank ecommerce/online/mobile experience.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Ecommerce Vision, Innovation and Enterprise Leadership

  • Establishes an innovative ecommerce, Mobile and Online Business for CertusBank that leverages all of the bank’s products and services, drives customer engagement and acquisition and expands digital innovation across the company
  • Communicates to Executives and other key stakeholders the strategies driving ecommerce, a vision and roadmap for future growth, and provide ongoing status updates across initiatives.
  • Ensures effective communication of all ecommerce initiatives including the direction and expected results of each project.
  • Delivers overall CertusBank ecommerce, online, Mobile objectives and goals with overall responsibility for corporate P&L and customer experience
  • Transforms CertusBank ecommerce/Online/Mobile offerings to enable overall company growth across lines of business, covering retail/consumer, small business, wealth management, business banking, and commercial segments. The scope also covers all product areas, including deposits, lending, card, treasury management, brokerage, financial planning, asset management, trust, and insurance.
  • Acts with other leaders to drive the transformational behaviors and programs, positioning the Company as an ecommerce/Online/Mobile market leader and innovator.
  • Identifies and anticipate emerging technology, customer insights, industry trends and overall societal trends to ensure CertusBanks’s ecommerce, online and mobile offerings are world class.
  • Maintains strong industry knowledge of financial services space, its disruption and opportunities for excellence.

Ecommerce Delivery and Execution Leadership

  • Owns and manages the business requirements and desires in partnership with Technology organization, Marketing and key Line of Business Executives
  • Optimizes the effectiveness, usability, and design of our ecommerce, online and mobile experience and their ability to expand the brand reach, drive conversion to sales and expand customer loyalty.
  • Provides ongoing tracking and analysis of user behavior through market analysis, competitive analysis and site analytics while also integrating feedback from customers and internal stakeholders.
  • Manages and negotiates vendor relationships with key ecommerce technology and solution providers.
  • Establishes a repeatable approach to extending the channel to the customers and employees of newly acquired institutions, including a robust approach for communicating and integrating systems and data.

Ecommerce Organization Leadership

  • Define and manage the overall organizational requirement and resources necessary to effectively support the CertusBank ecommerce strategy and channel.
  • Creates and lead a direct report ecommerce team along with key dotted line relationships within
  • Technology, Operations, CRM, Operational Risk.
  • Directly manages all Human Resources processes for all direct reports (performance reviews, disciplinary actions, individual development plan, career development, training, interviews, etc.).
  • Utilizes Individual Development Plan process and the Performance Management Tool to set objectives, create action plans, and monitor progress.
  • Maintains strong working knowledge of teammates’ roles and responsibilities in order to serve as an effective role model and coach.
  • Collaborates with other partners and leaders to achieve common goals, demonstrating and coaching on-going behaviors for direct reports to achieve their individual incentive and team goals.
  • Promotes and ensures teamwork between direct reports and others key partners.
  • Serves as a role model by exhibiting CertusBank values and professionalism, promoting service awareness, being operationally sound, and possessing strong leadership and teamwork skills.

Operations Oversight and Financial Management

  • Delivers satisfactory results on all compliance, risk and audit reviews.
  • Understands market and financial indicators.
  • Serves as an escalation point for sales and service problem resolution.
  • Promotes efficient operations and supports expense management
  • Analyzes overall end to end ecommerce/online/mobile workflow policies/procedures and recommending changes as appropriate.

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum 7+ years experience managing an ecommerce organization with proven capabilities to build and scale an organization from ground up
  • Bachelors degree. Advanced degree preferred.
  • Strong leadership and influencing skills with particular skill of embedding the voice of the customer in every customer interaction/touch point
  • Proven Mobile Banking strategy and execution experience
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing fluency
  • Proven ability to own and build-out a new business, function, or channel.
  • Experienced business leader with a sophisticated understanding of the operational and customer experience implications across all customer segments.
  • Pragmatic and adaptable with the ability to focus and execute in a competitive and fast paced environment
  • Proven ability to balance the drive for business urgency with the ability to motivate, attract and retain strong talent to form a nimble successful team
  • Proven skill in influencing colleagues and building relationships.
  • Able to represent CertusBank in leadership roles within the community
  • Proven problem solving, conflict resolution, time management, and decision-making skills required.
  • Must have proven ability to lead, train, motivate, and develop teammates.
  • Project management skills and ability to handle multiple projects at one time.
  • Proven ability to lead and manage within a matrixed organizational structure, involving multiple customer segments, products/services, and delivery channels.
  • Strong communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills are necessary.
  • Must be able to handle all customer situations while upholding CertusBank’s philosophy of always delivering legendary service.

Applications for this position are being coordinated by Harry Joiner. To apply, CLICK HERE Candidates, please be sure to email Harry Joiner for a packet of market research and company / competitive intel that will differentiate you in your candidacy. Due to the intensely competitive nature of this search, thorough preparation for these interviews with this proprietary material is strongly recommended.

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