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One of the coolest CRM jobs around!

We’re working with Shoe Carnival in their search for a VP of CRM in Evansville, IN. Shoe Carnival is a chain of over 417 footwear stores located across 35 states. Combining value pricing with a highly entertaining store format, Shoe Carnival is a leading retailer of name brand and private label footwear for the entire family.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: This is the fourth search we’ve done for Shoe Carnival. These are wonderful people, and Evansville is awesome. (Yes, I’ve actually been there.)

Evansville is the third largest city in Indiana and it lies within a 200 mile radius of four major metropolitan cities: Indianapolis, Nashville, Louisville, and St. Louis. It’s not in the middle of nowhere. It’s the heart of the midwest — and it has America’s second lowest cost of living.

Where's Evansville

About the Role

Shoe Carnival seeks a visionary retail CRM leader to lead its customer experience and CRM programs. As the firm’s VP of CRM, you’ll leverage consumer data to create personalized customer experiences that’ll drive traffic, sales, and loyalty for the firm.

If you’ve never worked in footwear, here’s what you’re stepping into:

The US shoe store industry includes ~25K stores with annual revenue of about $34 billion. Demand is driven by new styles and personal income. Profitability hinges on smart merchandising and competitive pricing. National chains like Shoe Carnival have advantages in purchasing, distribution, and marketing — while regional and local chains compete by stocking specialty products and localizing customer service.

Just 50 companies account for 80% of industry’s revenue.

Shoe Carnival expects to reach $1 billion in sales next year, up from $800 million just 2 years ago. The firm expects to add dozens of stores per year in the next 10 years, taking it to 700 stores total. The company has nearly tripled in size in the past 12 years, and every major metric is headed in the right direction: Number of stores; Sales; Revenue growth; number of states with stores; number of employees; and more. Shoe Carnival has NO DEBT and has plenty of cash in the bank.

In addition to selling famous name brands, Shoe Carnival offers private label products. The firm prides itself on being a family footwear retailer primarily to the mid-market, and its “open inventory” concept has allowed it to differentiate itself with self-service value backed by incredible staff support.

Shoe Carnival’s stores are famously interactive, often featuring an in-store emcee on a microphone announcing specials, engaging guests with crazy trivia questions to give away merchandise, and doing different things to interact with customers to personalize the experience and make it just plain fun.

This shopping-as-entertainment concept has worked like a charm because consumers WANT a gratifying shopping experience (duh!) with a retailer that actually gets smarter about their needs and values each time they touch it.

Omnichannel is the foundation of SC’s value prop, and CRM is the critical enabler.

Across hundreds of customer touch points, your job will be to capture, analyze, and learn from as much data as possible about such interactions — and apply those learnings to the improvement of the business. That’s a lot to say grace over given SC’s increased investments in mobile, SMS, push notifications, triggered contacts, and retargeting. And that’s just for starters.

We’ve got tons of inside information regarding Shoe Carnival’s customer personas (there are four) and their demographics, psychographics, ad spend, buying motivations, and multichannel / multi-device shopping journeys. We can also provide some insight on SC’s current segmentation and contact strategies — which YOU will be expected to review and improve.

Basically: Your job will be to manage SC’s CRM function in light of WHO’s buying, WHAT they’re buying, WHERE they’re buying, WHEN they’re buying, HOW they’re buying, and WHY they’re buying.

You’ll be responsible for database marketing that’s consistent, relevant, anticipated, and personal – designed to retain (or win back) customers, drive sales, build loyalty, generate brand awareness, and inspire word-of-mouth activity.

You will be expected to grasp that “membership is an attitude, an emotion,” and we’ll look to you to help organize and inspire the organization around its ongoing customer relationships. Your insights will essential to the growth of SC’s “Shoe Perks” loyalty program while streamlining its member acquisition funnel — and you’ll be expected to know which technologies will best bring your strategies to life.

A FINAL NOTE: Shoe Carnival’s culture is very analytically oriented.

Shoe Carnival’s execs know how to count, and they manage to the numbers every single day. They benchmark everything, and they know what’s working in their business (and what’s not). Accordingly, in your interviews for this position, be prepared to get nitty-gritty with the hiring committee regarding your database marketing successes — and failures. Additionally, plan on giving SC a breakdown of the biggest challenges you have faced so far in your CRM / database marketing career.

As usual, we have a crazy amount of proprietary information to share with HIGHLY QUALIFIED candidates regarding this client’s industry, culture, underlying economics, and ecommerce strategy. Our market research alone for this search exceeds 50 pages!! Believe me, you don’t want to apply without this intel. To request this packet of research, CLICK HERE. Or simply use the link at the bottom of this page.

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Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Build and develop a customer experience / CRM vision and strategy. This will require creation of a detailed roadmap inclusive of an integrated marketing program, customer analytics, and relevant technology solutions.
  • Design and deliver CRM programs leveraging consumer data to deliver highly relevant communications and experiences.
  • Work closely with senior management to gain and maintain alignment on the defined CRM strategy.
  • Develop audience segments based on customer behavior and preference data.
  • Lead and manage the “Shoe Perks” Loyalty Program.
  • Manage the Oracle ORCE platform housing customer data.
  • Continue to acquire customers to build data base.
  • Develop and activate key retention strategies.
  • Develop re-activation strategies against lapsed customers to increase conversion and frequency of visits.
  • Work with finance to develop financial reporting on contribution and rewards.
  • Manage customer service issues utilizing 3rd party service.
  • Lead, manage, and challenge internal and agency teams to activate the customer experience / CRM strategy and programs.
  • Collaborate with IT, Ecommerce and email/digital marketing teams in developing and executing CRM strategies.
  • Serve as a resource for Real Estate, Merchandising, and Store Operations teams to share, analyze and evaluate customer data in support of decision-making across the spectrum.
  • Evaluate and recommend internal staffing and external support requirements to accomplish mission.
  • Develop and manage annual budget for loyalty and CRM programs with support from the SVP of Marketing and Marketing Budget Manager.
  • Establish detailed KPI’s and measure and report performance of all programs, to include creating test and learn plans to improve KPI’s based on experience.
  • Apply and maintain a deep knowledge of the relevant competitive landscape, staying ahead of industry developments, best practices, and new technology.

Requirements (knowledge, skills, and abilities):

  • Demonstrated leadership success in developing and executing strategic CRM at the highest level, with10+ years in customer experience, CRM strategy, planning and execution in retail field.
  • Demonstrated record of strong leadership, team-building, and relationship skills, with the proven ability to lead from within (team, peers, senior executives), and the demonstrated record of networking across organizational functions and with external vendors and support.
  • Strong analytical, project management, communication and negotiation skills.
  • Highly creative and organized approach to work, balancing idea generation with actionable execution plans.
  • Highly numerate with ability to use and evaluate data to identify opportunities, drive powerful customer experiences and impactful communications plans.
  • Strong communications / CRM planning skills around customer opportunities and the development of compelling customer propositions.
  • Substantial record of experience in the design and implementation of customer experience / CRM programs preferred.
  • Commercially focused with the proven ability to advise on investment planning across marketing activities along with the identification and measurement of customer KPIs and campaign metrics.
  • Strong knowledge of the market and competitor landscape for CRM and Customer Experience strategy and delivery.
  • Must possess a deep working knowledge of the application of enabling technologies for customer experience / CRM / digital media.
  • BA / BS in quantitative major (math, engineering, economics, finance) or business is preferred.

Applications for this position are being coordinated by Allan Seibert. To apply, CLICK HERECandidates, please be sure to email Allan for additional information that will differentiate you in your candidacy.

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