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One of the coolest SEM jobs around!

HARRY’S COMMENTS: We are working with Stop Aging Now in its search for a world-class Pay Per Click Manager based in Bethesda, MD.

As most of my regular readers know, this year we will be contacted by 350 companies seeking assistance with their ecommerce recruiting needs, and we’ll take ~200 of those searches. We have specific criteria each potential search must satisfy, but the gist of our inquiry is this:

Does this new client’s business pass our own “Shark Tank” test?

We methodically (yes, we have a method) consider each client’s CLARITY, ABILITY, and RESOLVE to “win” in ecommerce, and we take searches only from companies we’d be happy to invest in — or see our own children work for.

Stop Aging Now is a great business.

The Stop Aging Now brand was created by Jean Carper, a best-selling author, columnist, radio talk show host and leading authority on health and nutrition. Ms. Carper is the author of 24 books, including 100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Age-Related Memory Loss.

First published in 1995, Stop Aging Now details cutting-edge research showing that specific vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods have astonishing anti-aging powers. By popular demand, Ms. Carper produced the first Stop Aging Now supplements in 1996, based on information contained in that book. Since then, the supplements have been regularly upgraded to reflect the latest research.

Stop Aging Now leverages a killer “product / content” business model.

As a recognized expert in anti-aging, the firm is not only a leading provider of anti-aging supplements and anti-aging products of the highest quality, but also a trusted resource for unbiased, cutting-edge health, nutrition and anti-aging news.

SAN formulates its own brand of natural health products. It has one brand for dietary supplements; one brand for pet supplements; one brand for skincare; and a final brand that concentrates on community, social and content. Everything is proprietary, and (other than its Amazon store) the only place SAN’s products are available is

With nearly $30 million in sales, SAN hired conservatively in 2015. The company now has 40 employees and intends to add substantially to its digital marketing headcount this year.

The company’s marketing team is divided into two areas: Acquisition and Loyalty. This role will be part of the Acquisition team, and since 2014 StopAgingNow’s new to file growth has been spectacular.

This is an outstanding position for a PPC rising star who is hard-working, detail oriented, and has a keen eye for analytics. To get this job, you’ll need solid experience in Google Adwords (certification preferred) given that you’ll spend your days optimizing StopAgingNow’s paid search, shopping feeds, display advertising, and retargeting campaigns to maximize the ROI for several SAN brands. Experience with Yahoo/Bing and Facebook Pay Per Click campaigns is a plus.

To separate yourself from other candidates, we’d like to know that you have an eye for detail. This role will require you to double check your work before your campaigns go live. Measure twice, cut once: Individual landing pages should be inspected closely to ensure that products and prices are shown correctly. You’ll have full ownership of SAN’s paid search programs, which means you’ll own its entire paid search customer experience. If any aspect of your conversion funnel looks sloppy, your ROAS will dip.

Not good.

Additionally, it’s essential that you have managed a fairly large PPC budget (say, at least $6–$10K per day) where your campaign objective was to acquire new customers. If your PPC experience has focused on branding, that’s probably not going to translate well at StopAgingNow. Experience with SEMrush will be helpful to you as this position involves finding the right keywords for PPC campaigns, gathering phrase matches and related keywords, identifying long-tail keywords, and more.

StopAgingNow will support you with a dedicated team for writing ads and you will be working with them on matters related to copy strategy, creative strategy, and more. Basically, you’ll be responsible for all of the PPC execution and much of the strategy. On a typical day you’ll measure budget vs actual CPA goals, and you’ll participate biweekly meetings with the acquisition team, working with SAN’s key execs on PPC strategy and with its Creative team on copy strategy.

Of course, landing this job won’t be easy. During your interviews with us and StopAgingNow, we’d like to explore …

  • How are you dealing with the removal of right-side ads?
  • What bid optimization tools do you use in your daily PPC activities?
  • In your opinion, what are the most important components of a good search ad?
  • How do you ensure your conversion tracking is working correctly?
  • How might you drive sales at StopAgingNow during non-peak sales periods?
  • How would you use organic data to improve StopAgingNow’s PPC campaign performance?
  • Give us examples of how you would use Google Analytics to improve StopAgingNow’s performance.
  • What do you consider when writing an ad?
  • Share an example of a time you implemented CRO tactics successfully.
  • Share an example of how you work collaboratively with other digital marketing departments.
  • Describe your current PPC ad campaign optimization workflow.

StopAgingNow’s culture is amazing, and the firm has found valuable employees by being open-minded, and it looks for resourceful, hard-working, honest, ethical, analytically biased, business oriented people who are long on street smarts.

If any of this sounds exciting to you (and you have experience running paid search programs) – please text Harry Joiner at 404-281-2025 for more information. Alternatively, please apply below. We’d love to hear from you.

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  • Manage the day-to-day search marketing activities across all Google Adwords opportunities, including bid adjustments, budget management, keyword/display target research and optimization.
  • Daily reporting on all active campaigns in our proprietary ROI system
  • Monitor PPC trends and techniques to identify new opportunities and allow for marketing growth
  • Proactively research to find new targets for acquisition sales growth
  • Develop testing strategies in order to improve conversion value and KPIs
  • Collaborate with Content and Design teams to execute strategy
  • Build effective display marketing efforts based on keyword, placement, topic, audience, demographic and interests
  • Manage our Google Product Listing Ads to create new sales opportunities in both the shopping feed and at top of page.
  • Developing remarketing strategies for acquiring lost customers and lost revenue opportunities


  • A minimum of 3 years experience with Google AdSense ads including creating and managing a diverse array of campaigns, A/B tests and analysis
  • Proficiency with Google Analytics and other analytics programs
  • Proficiency with Microsoft office, specifically Microsoft Excel
  • Good working knowledge of HTML coding
  • Good writing and communications skills. A good sense of design is a plus.
  • Strong analytical and reporting skills including KPI development, measuring performance of all digital marketing campaigns
  • Must be highly organized, analytical and have high attention to detail
  • Agency experience preferred
  • A Bachelor’s Degree

Applications for this position are being coordinated by Kelley Newsome. To apply, CLICK HERE.  Candidates, please be sure to email Kelley for additional information that will differentiate you in your candidacy. Due to the intensely competitive nature of this search, thorough preparation for these interviews with this proprietary material is strongly recommended.

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