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One of the coolest NYC ecommerce jobs around!

We are working with BioLite in their search for an Ecommerce Growth Marketing Lead based in Brooklyn, NY (which is supposedly really cool these days).

HARRY’S COMMENTS: Founded in 2009 by Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond, BioLite is a social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and markets consumer energy products for off-grid communities around the world. Translation: These folks exist to provide low cost, easy to use cooking and lighting solutions for both outdoor enthusiasts as well as rural families living in energy poverty.

How cool is that?

To date, BioLite has sold products in 70 countries and its product portfolio is growing like a weed. Originally, BioLite started with a simple portable wood burning stove for hiking and camping. (Most use gas, which is super dangerous to lug around.)

But here’s the cool part: BioLite’s stoves harness the energy of fire to charge their electronic devices. Wanna roast marshmallows and charge your iPhone? No problem! BioLite is more of an energy company than a cooking company. In fact, BioLite has won grants from the Department of Energy for combustion research.

How many other online retailers can say that??

Most of the folks at BioLite are there because the place is packed to the rafters with PhD’s in engineering, and the firm has a killer R&D team oriented towards developing new energy products. These folks are doing real science work for a great cause …

BioLite’s mission is to provide energy to people who don’t have access to it. Lots of people around the world (still) don’t have access to energy, and — are you sitting down? — 1.6 million people die each year of smoke related health issues, much of that from cooking over smoky fires. Who knew?? It’s the world’s biggest public health challenge, and NOBODY talks about it.

For people cooking in huts in Uganda, India, and Kenya the BioLite stove is a Godsend. BioLite’s stoves reduce smoke by 90%, which helps the women who do the cooking improve their health. This is why BioLite is the recipient of numerous awards including Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New”, a Nokia Health Tech Award, a Fast Company “Innovation by Design” Award and a St. Andrews Prize for the Environment.

Seriously. Who would you rather work for …

Make no mistake: These folks are running a business, and they are deadly serious about selling their product online FOR PROFIT. That’s where you come in.

About the Role …

BioLite seeks an experienced and passionate entrepreneur to grow its ecommerce business. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be an ambitious, proactive, and analytical leader who can get things done in reality-based ways. Reporting to BioLite’s Head of Marketing, you’ll work closely with BioLite’s CEO, finance, supply chain, and wholesale teams as well as ecomm operations and web developers.

BioLite is totally committed to ecommerce: The firm launched its ecommerce business in 2012 and since then, BioLite’s direct to consumer business has been a significant driver of growth. The firm’s ecommerce-first roots make it unique in the outdoor industry, and you’ll have true P&L responsibility for this strategically important piece of BioLite’s business.

Are you ready to make a difference with your business acumen and ecommerce chops? Then this is the gig for you. My intel packet for this search includes …

  1. An analysis of BioLite’s slamdunk customer (who are they / where are they / what they read / how they buy (believe me, it can be multi-step, multi-channel, multi-device affair!) / etc).
  2. The EIGHT ecommerce disciplines you’ll need to know ICE COLD to kill it in this role. (Three of these surprised me …)
  3. The THREE main problems that exist due to this position being open — and how YOU can solve them.
  4. The roles of PR, affiliate, and email in BioLite’s growth plans for DTC and wholesale … and how you can make a difference in the creative combination of those channels.
  5. The 100 day key initiatives you can expect to tackle in this role.
  6. and MORE.

Wanna see my 35-page intel packet on this search?? Of course you do! TEXT your name to me at (404) 281-2025. Or simply apply below. I look forward to chatting with you!

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  • Identify key levers for growth and innovation, create a prioritized pipeline of initiatives, and manage cross functional teams to drive results
  • Help determine business KPIs, create targets, and measure performance against targets
  • Implement paid and unpaid customer acquisition strategies
  • Work closely with marketing to create the promotional and communication calendar
  • Work with developers and ecommerce operations to execute site improvement initiates and build a best in class infrastructure to support sales growth


  • 3-5+ years of experience in digital marketing, ecommerce operations, or related area in a consumer company (bonus points if in the outdoor industry)
  • Knowledge of various customer acquisition growth strategies, including paid and unpaid
  • acquisition strategies
  • Experience setting quantitative goals for every initiative and building tools to measure results against those goals and to drive decision making
  • An in-depth understanding of the relationships between marketing, design, finance, supply chain and ecommerce and how various IT systems work together
  • Experience with email marketing strategy and execution
  • Understanding of UX best practices and A/B testing methods and tools to continually drive increased site conversion
  • Experience managing external web developers to implement strategies
  • A great sense of humor, proactive and relentless towards achieving goals, and an understanding of the team-oriented, fast-paced nature of growth stage company


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