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One of the coolest metro Orlando PPC jobs around!

HARRY’S COMMENTS: We are working with Eckler Industries in its search for a Digital Marketing Manager based in Titusville, Florida, just 40 miles from Orlando and so close to the Kennedy Space Center that you can actually see rockets take off from the company’s office.

How cool is that?

Eckler is a direct marketer of auto parts serving the auto enthusiast. The firm focuses on the classic American car restoration subculture. Meaning, while Eckler does inventory late-model Corvette and late model Camaro parts, those are more of an extension of its earlier product lines revolving around classic Corvettes, Camaros, Ford’s, Chevys, and the like.

The firm’s business mix is 85% consumer and 15% wholesale.

For the most part, Eckler markets through annual catalogs for its largest product lines and takes advantage of specific digital marketing channels to amplify its catalog coverage. Its house file is quite large, and traditionally Eckler has done very well in organic search, pay per click, and email. The firm’s strategy has been to niche itself over and over again to specific product lines – as evidenced by its popular websites,,,,, and more.

Boys ages 3 to 103 go nuts for these cars, and the world is full of rabid, well informed car collectors who live to hang out with their fellow car buffs showing and restoring classic cars.

If you’re the right guy (or gal!) for this role, you’ll enjoy this …

So that’s your target customer. And believe me: They’re out there in large numbers.

Demographically, Eckler’s customers aren’t too different from the readers of, say, Hemmings Motor News, and we’ll be happy to share the client’s own deliriously detailed description of the firm’s “slam dunk” customer. For now, let’s just say that Eckler’s customers have a deeply emotional connection to their car’s performance and appearance — and they’re downright obsessive about the parts and accessories used in their restoration projects.

And they dig a BIG assortment, too.

Eckler offers nearly 150,000 products across a wide range of automotive restoration categories that include high-performance parts, accessories and OEM parts used to restore a car to its original state. Naturally, with a selection like that, there’s lots of work to be done with long-tail SEO and PPC.

About the Role

Eckler seeks a first rate SEO\SEM and digital marketing gunslinger to develop, implement, track and optimize its digital marketing campaigns – mostly across search engines, but inclusive of all digital channels. As Digital Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for a multimillion dollar budget with the support of several key internal and external partners and team members. Ideally, you will have both a very strong hands-on track record of actually DOING the work along with agency management experience. Naturally, you’ll need to be adept at using web analytics to communicate results and optimize programs.

This is an extremely important position that will see you managing 60% of the firm’s online business, amounting to tens of millions of dollars in online revenue. It’s an extremely important role. Because we are not the only recruiters working the search, I’ll stop short of sharing here all of the information that we have on this position.

Candidates, please apply below and will be happy to step you through the top five “must have” requirements for this role; A complete summary of why the position is open and what has happened with this search to date; A detailed assessment of the top five problems that exist due to this position being open; A gritty look at what you’ll be doing on a daily basis; The 100 day key initiatives for this position; A close look at the hiring process for this role, and much more. Truly, what we’ve shared in this post is just the very tip of the iceberg.

Who else wants to soar with eagles?

If you’ve got digital marketing in your blood and you’re ready to work with super smart people in a hugely fun category, here’s your chance: Eckler is making serious investments in its future, and it continues to hire leaders with a passion for winning and a commitment to success. Management knows that world class companies are defined by a clear and compelling vision — where leaders at every level are expected to influence the firm’s future.

If that appeals to you, then we’d love to hear from you. Apply below.

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  • Work with stakeholders to develop and implement online marketing strategies and campaigns, aligning online activities with broader campaign initiatives.
  • Develop and implement content and keyword strategies to support SEO and SEM marketing plans and campaigns
  • Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies
  • Generate actionable observations, insights, conclusions and recommendations from data to drive site improvements and optimize business performance
  • Manage strategy, execution, vendor relationships and budget for AdWords / PPC campaigns. Collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners.
  • Establish benchmark KPI’s and best practices; regularly reporting metrics and recommendations to business owners and product marketing teams.
  • Provide SEO expertise for keyword research, reporting, linking campaigns, conversion goals, on-page optimization, social media, local search, image and video optimization, digital asset optimization, and mobile search.
  • Build and execute on a content-based online media strategy.
  • Work with the organization to ensure content is written and positioned for the appropriate channels.
  • Monitor trends on best practices and techniques and identifies and evaluates emerging opportunities and technologies. Provide thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate.


  • BS/MS degree in marketing or related field
  • Demonstrable experience managing enterprise-class PPC and SEO in an ecommerce environment
  • Three to five years of experience managing online campaigns with a $1M+ annual budget is preferred
  • Be detail-oriented, analytical, and possess a keen focus on hitting a target ROI
  • Proven skills using Google Analytics (or similar) in conjunction with Google AdWords
  • Understand basic URL structure, HTML, and JavaScript for SEO and campaign tracking implementations
  • Excellent analytical, data driven thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Agency experience a plus


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