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One of the coolest Tampa SEO jobs around!

We are working with VOLT® Lighting in their search for an SEO Specialist based in Lutz, Florida — just 10 miles north of downtown Tampa. This is a terrifically cool SEO job.

VOLT Lighting manufactures and sells high-performance LED landscape lighting products with unconditional lifetime warranties. The firm’s direct-to-consumer model ensures that these pro-quality lights are both available and affordable. The company’s vertically integrated business model allows it to tightly control its products’ design, manufacture, and distribution – which it then follows up with superior customer service.

VOLT’s YouTube channel is a favorite among the DIY (“do it yourself”) and DIFM (“do it for me”) crowds …

HARRY’S COMMENTS: Once upon a time, I heard about a lady in my church’s parish who had four sons — each of whom became a Catholic priest. No joke! What are the odds? Infinitesimal, right?

Well, in the Brynjolfsson family there are four brothers, each of whom is hugely successful: Erik Brynjolfsson is the famous Internet industry and artificial intelligence visionary visionary from MIT whose books have appeared on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Next is finance guru John Brynjolfsson, a former Managing Director at PIMCO; then there’s Olaf Brynjolfsson Johansen, the Mass General-trained Chief of Surgery at a major hospital and finally …

… there’s Alan Brynjolfsson – VOLT Lighting’s CEO.

In 2007, nothing would have led you to believe that Alan would start a business that would completely disrupt the lighting industry. But that’s what happened. Alan has always been an entrepreneur, and his previous company developed imaging systems for the printing industry. After selling out to his partner in 2006, Alan found himself between jobs. With time on his hands, Alan decided to landscape his own yard, hoping to add really nice lighting to it during the project.

Yet when Alan looked online, he could only find cheap consumer grade landscape lighting. Pro-grade supplies were only available to contractors through wholesale distributors and trade-only sales channels. So Alan had the bright idea of becoming the Amazon of pro-grade lighting. Simple, right?

One small problem: Established manufacturers wouldn’t sell to Alan because they didn’t want to disturb their established sales channel of stores, distributors and sales reps. So he did what few other people would do …

Alan researched the market and, after discovering a huge hole in the market for online retail, he started his own brand to manufacturer and sell his own outdoor lighting products online. Ecommerce was the only real way Alan could focus on innovation and quality while lowering prices and improving product availability. With ecom, the value chain could be vertically integrated from product development all the way through manufacturing, sales, and service. By cutting out multiple middlemen, big money could be reallocated towards world-class manufacturing while allowing Alan to still lower prices and raise quality.

It was a great idea, hidden in plain sight, brought to life at exactly the right time.

Today, VOLT is in hyper-growth mode. Sales are in the tens of millions of dollars, and the sky’s the limit for the firm in terms of pent-up demand in its current and adjacent industries. Alan is scaling VOLT’s proven model from the landscape lighting niche into the overall lighting industry in a quest to be the company that revolutionizes the way lighting is purchased. VOLT’s target categories will include the industrial, commercial and residential sectors of the indoor and outdoor lighting industry.

You can’t accuse these guys of thinking small!

Added together, all of VOLT’s current and potential categories amount to a potential online market opportunity in the many hundreds of millions of dollars (I researched it and the client redacted my findings from this post). Take my word for it: This is a HUGE opportunity. So strange that this industry’s powerful vested interests ignored ecommerce for so long, and it took whippersnappers like VOLT to get their attention. However, given that VOLT is a vertically integrated pure play that now designs, manufactures, imports, inventories, markets, sells, and services its own high-quality products, there might not be much the industry’s old guard can do but watch and weep.

But winning won’t come easy.

VOLT’s ecommerce marketing team needs an SEO gunslinger to focus on new customer acquisition. VOLT has great products, superior customer service, and lots of useful content to offer. They also have highly satisfied customers and want more of them. Your job will be to bring in new customers. Not just traffic — but real CUST-O-MERS.

What a concept!

Naturally, this means you’ll have to quickly gain a keen understanding of VOLT’s products and markets as well as insight on how VOLT’s prospective customers search for lighting products. (We dug into this pretty deep during our intake call with the client.)

VOLT® has many projects underway. Among them, a new ecommerce platform and a new brand just for professionals (AMP® Lighting). And while these projects will require some on-site SEO work, the real impact you’ll be expected to make is with off-site SEO (content marketing, link building, social, etc.). VOLT® is looking for someone with not only the expertise — but with the “hustle”. You won’t be making recommendations to management, but rather creating content, building links, and actually selling stuff.

Bottom-line: We’re looking for an accomplished SEO Specialist who values competency, action, concrete results, personal freedom, and challenges. You’ll be reporting to Andrew Krasner, VOLT’s Director of Ecommerce & Marketing, whom we recruited last year for VOLT from Fry — the venerable interactive agency and ecommerce platform provider. Meaning, you’ll be working for a guy who actually “gets SEO” and knows how to make money with it. If that appeals to you, please apply below.

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  • Devise and execute off-site SEO campaigns including link building, social media, blogs, videos, and other tactics.
  • Optimize on-site content and meta data for SEO.
  • Conduct keyword and competitive research.
  • Collaborate with VOLT’s web designer, technical writer, and communications director to author content.
  • Get useful content published on other sites and media.
  • Monitor and analyze SEO campaigns, rankings, traffic, and competition.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Desire and ability to do on-page and off-page optimization (not recommend or advise, but DO the optimization).
  • Expert-level in keyword research and on-page SEO.
  • Expert-level in link building and other off-page SEO.
  • Advanced analytical ability.
  • 5+ years of SEO experience (in-house or agency).
  • Self-starter, results motivated, and detail oriented.
  • Proficiency in Google Analytics and SEO monitoring tools such as Conductor, Moz, or similar.
  • Authoring content within CMS such as WordPress or similar.
  • Basic technical aptitude and understanding of html, javascript, and internet protocols.
  • Experience in social media, reputation management, and copywriting a plus.

Applications for this position are being coordinated by Allan Seibert. To apply, CLICK HERE.  Candidates, please be sure to email Allan for additional information that will differentiate you in your candidacy. Due to the intensely competitive nature of this search, thorough preparation for these interviews with this proprietary material is strongly recommended.

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