I have been recruiting for 10 years, and I’ve never seen this happen. TWO great clients have decided to open up their searches to include home-based candidates.

The first client is Speakman, and I have seen this company make extremely attractive job offers to TWO of my candidates only to have each candidacy unravel at the last moment. The client did nothing wrong.  In fact, they were a model of courtesy and generosity.

My first Speakman candidate received a competing offer from a company in Atlanta, which he and his wife chose over New Castle, DE. No harm, no foul. Then three weeks later, for personal family reasons, my second candidate was simply unable to relocate to New Castle from the midwest. Both candidates have nothing but good things to say about Speakman, and if every client of mine was this professional and responsive, I would be retired already and living on an island.  Speakman’s revenues are in the many tens of millions of dollars, and this is not a turn around.

You can see the Speakman posting here.

NEXT:  MyCharge has decided to consider home-based candidates too. This is another fantastic company with an excellent management team. No snakes in the wood pile.  Several of my best Metro Detroit ecommerce candidates interviewed for this position, and one of them is still under serious consideration. My write-up on MyCharge tells the story of a four year old organization that really “gets” the customer and has gained fast traction in a ridiculously deep market.  Already, MyCharge’s revenues are in the many tens of millions of dollars.  As with Speakman, this is not a turn around.

You can see the MyCharge posting here.

PLEASE DO ME A BIG FAVOR:  Send this posting to a friend who may be open to new opportunities.  Both of these clients are in a huge hurry to get these positions filled.

I get asked all the time “Harry, why don’t you ever have home-based ecommerce searches? What’s up with that?”  Well Jimmy, today is the day: I have not one, but TWO outstanding six-figure jobs that can be done at home.

Ladies!  Is there anything you hate more in life than pantyhose?  When I met my wife she was working at Citibank in NYC and she complained constantly about having to “dress up for work.”

I work from home, and I can’t tell you how awesome it is.

  • Pick up the kids from school in the afternoon? No problem. I’ve got a cell phone and a Bluetooth.
  • Take William to Scouts on Monday night? I’m down with that. I’ve got copy to write.
  • What’s that? You need me to take Charlotte to a birthday party next Tuesday? Book it, Danno. My schedule is clear and I’ve got a wireless keyboard for my iPhone and I can answer emails while I sip lemonade at Chick-fil-A.

But it’s not all glory out here.

Ever heard the joke about self-employment? You get to pick any 16 hours a day you work. Oddly enough, this is true — sort of.  I like to be productive, and with all of the tools I mentioned above, it’s easy to be just that. Why just sit by the pool when I can sit by the pool and do my job?

And here’s the kicker: I haven’t sat in a traffic jam in 9 months. I do conference calls all the time, but I have a great home office that makes what I do a pleasure. Plus, I never miss a work out.

If you have a friend who’s looking for this kind of lifestyle, send them my way. They’ll be so glad you did.

But hurry: These searches won’t last long.

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