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Check it out: Yesterday I had a friendly debate with a candidate regarding UX. The candidate was adamant that “state of the art” UX tools were absolutely necessary in today’s dog-eat-dog ecommerce world. It sounded reasonable, but I wasn’t so sure. So I asked her …

“Why do attractive people marry unattractive people?”

“Alcohol.” she said.

“Nope,” I replied. “It’s because there is some PROFOUND emotional and intellectual connection between those people that renders the physical attributes of the ugly person less important to the good looking person than society would think.”

Here’s why I bring this up: I interview a TON of candidates and clients who are obsessed with having a beautiful website. Certainly, I don’t poo-poo that desire.

BUT: It’s worth noting that I own >$15,000 worth of needless drum crap, bought mostly on impulse from MaxwellDrums.com (a usability trainwreck any way you slice it). Here’s a photo of my home office.

How exactly did that happen? My wife often wonders.

Well, it’s because of the emotional connection that I have to the team at Maxwell. Their PRODUCT is unique … I LIKE them … and I TRUST them. They UNDERSTAND me … and I feel BETTER about MYSELF (as a drummer) because of my relationship with them.

I’m not knocking great digital UX! I’m just highlighting the tradeoff between “high touch” and “high volume” and how digital UX can suffer as long as the total combined offline + digital CX is excellent.

Now then, here are today’s Ecommerce Jobs of the Week (with my commentary):

Featured Listings

  1. NEWDirector, Online Marketing (Walnut Creek, CA) – Full write-up
  2. NEWSVP, Operations – Retail / Ecommerce (Pittsburgh, PA) – Full write-up
  3. NEWSr. Director, Digital Strategy (New York, NY) – Full write-up
  4. NEWData Strategist (Atlanta, GA) – Full write-up
  5. NEWOperations Manager – $60K base (Atlanta, GA) – Full write-up
  6. NEWDirector of Marketing (New Castle, DE) – Full write-up
  7. NEWSr. Manager, Digital Communication (New York, NY) – Full write-up
  8. NEWDigital Marketing Manager (New Castle, DE) – Full write-up
  9. NEWDirector of Ecommerce (Elkhart, IN) – Full write-up
  10. NEWIntegrated Marketing Manager (Frederick, MD) – Full write-up
  11. NEWDigital Marketing Manager (New York, NY) – Full write-up
  12. NEWGlobal Web Marketing Product Manager (Near San Fran) – Full write-up
  13. Ecommerce Marketing Manager (San Francisco) – Full write-up
  14. SEO Manager (Edison, NJ) – Full write-up
  15. Director of Omni-Channel Marketing (Boise, ID) – Full write-up
  16. Director Ecommerce Marketing (Cincinnati, OH) – Full write-up
  17. Director of Ecommerce (Lancaster, OH) – Full write-up
  18. VP of Ecommerce (Kansas City, MO) – Full write-up
  19. Director of Ecommerce (Chicago, IL) – Full write-up
  20. Email Marketing Manager (Houston, TX) – Full write-up
  21. Director of Ecommerce (Miami, FL) – Full write-up
  22. Director of Ecommerce Operations (Burlington, VT) – Full write-up
  23. VP of Ecommerce Marketing (Simi Valley, CA) – Full write-up
  24. General Manager, Ecommerce (** KUWAIT **) – Full write-up
  25. Director of Ecommerce (Austin, TX) – Full write-up
  26. Sr. Manager, Global Digital Merch (Boca Raton, FL) – Full write-up
  27. Ecommerce G.M. (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) – Full write-up
  28. Global Marketing Director (Boca Raton, FL) – Full write-up
  29. Ecommerce Consultant (New York, NY or Atlanta, GA) – Full write-up
  30. Director of Ecom Business Dev. (McCook, IL 60525) – Full write-up
  31. Ecommerce Merchandising Manager (Houston, TX) – Full write-up

Contingency Searches

  1. NEWDirector of Ecommerce (New York, NY)
  2. NEWWeb Marketing Manager (Dodgeville, WI)
  3. NEWIT Marketing Manager (Topeka, KS)
  4. Digital Media Manager (Clearwater, FL)
  5. Sr Director of Digital Commerce (Dodgeville, WI)
  6. Ecommerce Supervisor / Manager (Mountain View, CA)
  7. Web Analyst (Clearwater, FL)
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