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One of the coolest NY marketing jobs around.

We are working with Chantelle in their search for a Consumer Marketing Director based in New York City. This position will be responsible for consumer marketing, engaging consumers with Chantelle Group brands, and driving sales to all channels of business while maximizing Chantelle’s proprietary ecommerce site(s).

HARRY’S COMMENTS: Hey, Marketers — Have you ever asked yourself “How do our customers feel about their relationship with us? More importantly, how do customers feel (differently / better) about themselves because of their relationship with us?”

Such questions were conceived with company’s like Chantelle in mind because, when you get right down to it, people don’t buy features; they buy feelings. People search for meaning in their lives, and wearing Chantelle lingerie is symbolic of a lifestyle that its clients aspire to live. And it’s easy to see why …

Chantelle designs, manufacturers, sells, and distributes the world’s finest lingerie, which is about helping women discover their own uniqueness – and it’s a great time to be in that business.

According to IBISWorld research, over the next five years conditions are set to improve for the lingerie industry. From 2012 to 2017, industry revenue is forecast to rise at an average annual rate of 3.8% to $13.9 billion. With more favorable employment trends, per capita disposable income is expected to rise at an average annual rate of 2.3%, allowing consumers to increasingly invest in quality lingerie items.

Chantelle is well positioned to take advantage of these trends.

The firm is vertically integrated and has 7000 employees worldwide, selling in over 80 countries. Chantelle serves the mid-to high-end of the market, and it operates its own design house, factories, wholesale operations, and retail stores. Chantelle’s target customer is a woman aged 25/up who appreciates the world’s best designed lingerie, made of unique and incredibly exclusive materials.

For a first time consumer, buying a Chantelle bra is a gradual process – like buying a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. A woman may have a dozen pairs of shoes that are very good, but then there’s that one pair that’s amazing, and it challenges the way she thinks about the product. Everything about the Chantelle product is amazing: the touch, the feel, the styling, the fit, the longevity… everything. The Chantelle product must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Which is why this search is somewhat similar to the one we did for Paula Hermanny earlier this year. Chantelle is a cornerstone brand at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. This is not surprising given the importance of highly trained salespeople in helping clients understand the difference between a Chantelle garment and Brand X. As with two bottles of good wine, the differences need to be understood, and an educated consumer is an empowered consumer.

Accordingly, Chantelle seeks a Consumer Marketing Director to develop and maintain a Digital and PR strategy to promote its brands, Chantelle / Passionata / Chantal Thomass, online and off line. The new Consumer Marketing Director will work in tandem with the U.S. Team and French counterparts to drive awareness and sales in all channels of business (Websites, Department Stores, Independent Retailers), and will directly manage the ecommerce site, launched this past June.

This position will also directly manage all other digital platforms, from Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter. Specific short-term objectives related to the ecommerce site are to continue optimizing the site (reducing visual upload and checkout times, for example), growing the database and conversion rate and launching the Customer Loyalty program. Chantelle has valued relationships with several agencies, and the new Consumer Marketing Director will be responsible for continuing to develop and manage those resources.

The brand is blessed with strong PR and a celebrity following, and it is not uncommon to see Chantelle products in the mainstream media. Accordingly, the Consumer Marketing Director will be tasked with making the most of those promotional opportunities while improving site’s accessibility, creating content, link building, and improving the brand’s reach in social media.

Overall, this will be a richly rewarding job for anyone who loves the fast-paced fashion industry and a unique French brand, and who can bring solid, reality-based ideas to Chantelle regarding how it can increase brand awareness and consumer engagement; improve its ecommerce conversion rate; build its loyalty and retention programs; and ultimately, expand its ecommerce business internationally.


  • Develop the North American digital strategy and marketing plan for the Group brands, in close partnership with the Marketing Director, while executing this strategy in the online space
  • Maximize sales for
  • Drive online engagement of both Chantelle’s proprietary site and affiliated blogs / sites
  • Track and analyze traffic and sales of the US ecommerce site, benchmark with competitive sites vi-a-vis Google analytics, etc.
  • Calculate ROI of all online marketing and PR initiatives
  • Be responsible for brand’s social media execution
  • Manage the consumer database, maximizing engagement
  • Develop the consumer loyalty program
  • Track competitive marketing activity in the online space
  • Develop innovative initiatives for all brands, in particular for Chantelle’s site and its blog (including all contests, etc)
  • Develop partnerships with the online community
  • Manage external vendors, ranging from SEO, to email marketing, to product reviews, to banners, to PR, to copywriters
  • Manage 2 direct reports: Direct to Consumer Manager and the PR/Social Media Manager


In this role, the Consumer Marketing Director must …

  • balance creative and financial skills
  • be a team-player, not ego-driven
  • possess clear written and verbal skills
  • have excellent project management skills
  • be willing to handle operational tasks whenever necessary
  • have some familiarity with French
  • have an affinity for the Intimate Apparel category
  • be entrepreneurial in nature


  • MBA, Marketing
  • 5+ years of experience
  • Must have excelled in previous in positions that required creative thought to develop marketing initiatives that had a direct impact on the bottom line
  • Must be innovative


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