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Today I received the following cover letter from a Director of Customer Experience candidate. This guy knows how to write strong copy!

Note the way he opens by appealing to my sense of fair play before addressing a common concern with his background — artfully selling right into the reader’s primary objection.

Then in the bridge, he states his motives for applying, saying that his “passion is taking care of people.” Nice. And finally, he turns his oft-maligned casino experience into an advantage — implying that the casino business is a pressure packed training ground for battle-hardened, can-do customer service leaders.

He closes with a solid call to action prefaced with the consensus-building statement that “Taking care of customers is taking care of customers, no matter the setting.” Who’s gonna argue with that?

Candidates, if you’re not learning how to write copy, you are missing an opportunity to sell yourselves.


PS – How come nobody ever uses a “PS” in their cover letter? The “PS” is one of the most effective copywriting devices there is. Don’t believe me? Click here for a truckload of killer copywriting tips and tricks.

PPS – The “PPS” is surprisingly effective as well. I’d die if I ever saw one of those in a cover letter. Just saying.

Mr. Joiner,

All that I ask is that you objectively look at not my job title but at my job skills. I have years of Management and Customer Service experience but have found that HR people and Hiring Managers have a hard time seeing past the fact that my experience was in a Casino. I can assure you that all the skills and experiences that I gained in a casino atmosphere are easily transferable to any environment, including your company.

My passion is taking care of people.

The casino business is one of the most in your face, customer service driven operations you will ever find. The pressure to make people with hundreds of thousands of dollars to their names happy can be daunting. But through years of experience and the willingness to make any “situation” right, I became and still am very good at the job of customer service. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a casino or any other business. Taking care of customers is taking care of customers, no matter the setting.

That being said, I would relish the opportunity to discuss all of my skills and experiences with you and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.



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