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We are working with KellyCo Metal Detectors in their search for a Director of Marketing based in Winter Springs, Florida — just down the road from Orlando.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: KellyCo offers the world’s largest selection of modern metal detectors for use on land, beaches, mountains or use in the surf, dive, etc. These precision instruments allow hobbyists to search and recover coins, jewelry, relics, gold and treasures. KellyCo occupies a 30,000 square foot building on 3-1/2 acres, staffed with over 40 active metal detection experts. Think of KellyCo as the Crutchfield Electronics of the metal detection industry. By IR-500 standards, this is not a small business. And it continues to grow.

What in Heaven’s name is the appeal of metal detection? Isn’t it only for old white guys in black socks at the beach?

Nope. Not anymore. Like geocaching, metal detecting gets you outdoors in the fresh air moving around and exercising. Additionally, there’s the possibility of finding valuable relics, and it doesn’t have to be coins. Finally, it’s an inexpensive hobby to get into. A quality starter metal detector will cost around two-hundred dollars, such as this gangsta Minelab PRO-FIND 25 Pinpointer …

Turns out there’s a lot to know about the “sport” of metal detection. Things like …

  • What areas are kosher to search in, and what kosher areas are actually worth searching.
  • How to obtain permission to search private property. Done right, metal detection is not a nuisance, and die-hard detectors understand this.
  • What to look for. Not all metal “targets” are the same, and if you don’t know how to tell the difference between a coin and a pop-top, you’re in for a long day.
  • How to contact the long time locals to get access to past news, maps, and surrounding area information that will disclose places and things to hunt for.
  • How to use local museums to find places to search as well as how to sell findings for a premium.
  • Different soil / water types for hunting, and how these can effect the outcome of the hunt.
  • And more …

Like bass fishing or golf, metal detection is an extremely well-established hobby enjoyed by tons of die-hard enthusiasts — all of whom are happy to spend money on it. Who knew, right?

I share this with you because KellyCo’s President, David Auerbach, plans to immerse you into this market. He’ll introduce you at Metal Detecting Club meetings; cart you off on organized treasure hunts; take you detecting with some local enthusiasts; and possibly tour the factories.

You’ll even learn the secret handshake

Just kidding! Sadly, there’s no handshake. But there should be, because the metal detection community is a rabid subculture, and that’s a really good thing. In fact, it’s the BEST thing. A “thirsty crowd” is the MOST important thing any marketer can have. In any type of marketing, it’s essential that you sell to an easily identifiable, cost-effectively reachable, self-referencing group of prospects who can have their emotions aroused. And with KellyCo, you get that (in spades and double).

Now then, about the job.

At a high level, your job is to help KellyCo sell more stuff to more people more often for more money. Obviously. But beyond that, here are some key areas that will require ongoing attention:

Customer Care: KellyCo has 12 customer service reps who assist clients with placing orders, and their job is to educate and inform and follow-up on customer issues. That means managing incoming customer calls; delivering first call resolution; and providing friendly, knowledgeable, and culturally sensitive world-class customer service. You’ll lead them.

Email Marketing: KellyCo produces biweekly newsletters whose performance is respectable in terms of their open rates. There are no list hygiene problems to manage, but Management feels that these newsletters could be “harder hitting” in terms of their tie-in with holidays / current events; their central selling themes; their offers; and their incorporation of rich media. In other words, you’ll need to take email to the next level.

This will include …

  • Managing audience segmentation and profile optimization for the house file
  • Monitoring channel performance and recommending timely actions to optimize campaigns
  • Outlining and implementing initiatives that enhance program productivity and create new growth opportunities, such as selling to tourists (for example)
  • Prioritizing the execution strategy based on revenue potential
  • Running well-conceived tests to help optimize program goals
  • Tracking and analyzing metrics to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the program
  • Creating offers, incentives and campaigns to boost program goals
  • Working directly with cross functional partners in Marketing, Ecommerce, Merchandising, Analytics and Retail
  • Overseeing development of creative assets to be used in campaigns
  • Developing and execute programs to grow the email file

Loyalty and Promotion Management: There’s a ton of potential to develop new loyalty marketing programs that will grow and de-seasonalize KellyCo’s top line, and you’ll get to drive these programs. Programs can include ‘buy one / get one half off” deals; Special discounts; Clubs; and Contests. You decide.

Mobile Commerce KellyCo is starting to see sales through its mobile site, and its website automatically converts to a mobile experience when hit from an iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. But there’s lots of opportunity for KellyCo to use mobile to Drive sales; Improve customer satisfaction; Develop brand loyalty; Provide product and price information for customers; Provide geo-based content for its customers; and Improve real-time marketing through SMS alerts, coupons, daily deals, etc.

Merchandising: KellyCo shoots their own product photography and they do not rely on their manufacturers to provide information or photos of the product. In fact, the majority of the pictures on have been taken in their own studio. KellyCo also has a video studio with a sound room. This enables them to put their own spin on product, whether it’s through photography, copy, or video, whatever. Smart.

In KellyCo’s case, there’s a fuzzy line between merchandising proper and content marketing. Your high level goal is to maximize margins and inventory turns by tweaking the site’s taxonomy, navigation, images, and copy. But beyond that, you’ll need to integrate KellyCo’s SEO and social media initiatives. The firm has a weekly call with the Google team, and Google has visited KellyCo several times.

According to Mr. Auerbach, “We have been exposed to a lot of really great marketing ideas, and our goal is to market information about metal detection and promote the metal detection lifestyle as well as market metal detectors. There might even be opportunities to create information products around metal detection.”

Web Analytics: It’s essential that you bring an analytical bias to this role. Everyone knows how important analytics is, so I won’t beat a dead horse here. Suffice it to say, it’s critical that you understand the KellyCo customer’s multichannel journey, from consideration to conversion.


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