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We are working with Cinmar Inc in their search for an Email Marketing Manager, in Cincinnati, OH. Cinmar, publisher of the Frontgate and Grandin Road catalogs, is the premier multi-channel retailer with a $200 million online business and with the most comprehensive collection of luxury, high quality, functional indoor and outdoor items for the discriminating homeowner including furniture, electronics, kitchen & bath items, products for around the pool, and many other specialty items.

Cinmar understands the value of great creative and informative presentation for their online channels to properly reflect their finest-quality products. Cinmar is searching for a candidate to advance the e-mail marketing program with their extensive experience of online retail and industry-leading insight into relation based marketing.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: We are looking for a passionate store owner. If you are an email marketer, you probably don’t hear that very often.

In my seven years of ecommerce recruitment, this is the coolest email marketing search I’ve ever handled. A substantial portion of Cinmar’s business transacts over the web, and the client drops +100 million catalogs per year, complemented by a steady cadence of six email campaigns per week (400 million emails per year).

Cinmar has had this search open for a while, and to date, there are two types of candidates who have applied for this position:

  1. The first type is the process driven email marketer whose bias has been to push back on the creatives and the merchants in order to maintain the integrity of the email marketing process.
  2. The second type is the email marketing guru who is driven by the gadgetry of the platform at the expense of the brand’s personality.

Cinmar needs an email marketer who can blend these two approaches.

The ideal candidate must understand merchandising and “get” the qualitative side of email merchandising while also leveraging a quantitative approach. The role is fairly strategic, and the ideal candidate will have five years of online retail experience complemented by three years of rock solid email marketing experience.

The new hire must be able to manage the lifecycle of the customer through the email channel: List management, segmentation, RFM analysis, bounce rate management, call to action development, cost per acquisition, and more. We’re looking for a business leader, not just a technician – although the fundamentals of classical email marketing count for a lot in this role.

Cross channel marketing experience is a MUST: We need someone who is comfortable working across multiple functional silos to integrate the company’s multichannel marketing initiatives into email.

Lone wolves and Divas need not apply.

The new hire will need to gain the confidence of the executive team by putting together a marketing calendar that covers email from a business standpoint: What are the risks of continued and bigger email marketing? How can Cinmar better merchandise its products through the email channel? Is it possible to develop email marketing initiatives that are less “promotion oriented?” And so forth.

These are strategic issues, but again, the tactical stuff matters as well.

For example, how can Cinmar develop a process for email marketing such that by the time the executive team sees the mockups of the particular campaign, the lead time has been increased for approval decisions? What kinds of things should Cinmar be testing and why? And what are the implications from the results of those tests?

Again, I don’t know that I have ever encountered a “bigger” email marketing role. As you ponder applying for this position, ask yourself:

  • Have I been in an environment where I manage (from soup to nuts) several weekly campaigns?
  • Do I have a very strong background in promotional calendaring, and do I have a knack for managing multiple constituencies, many of whom will provide input into my production schedule? Is that enjoyable to me?
  • Have I had a significant impact through email marketing on my employer’s ecommerce business? How significant? Would my employment references substantiate this?
  • Do I have a bias towards testing in my email marketing initiatives? Have I ever been surprised by the results of my tests – and was I able to improve my email marketing initiatives with those learnings?

As always, I’m only sharing with you a quarter of what I know about the role. If you are a world-class email marketer 1.) who can set and adhere to deadlines; 2.) who is goal oriented and can pay attention to details; 3.) who never seems to run out of content ideas; 4.) who can balance quality and quantity; and 5.) can use data to measure and improve content – then I want to hear from you.

BTW, you won’t believe the compensation for this role. It’s amazing. Apply below.

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Position Overview:

The Email Marketing Manager must have solid experience in developing campaigns from concept to delivery as well as post-campaign analysis. This role will drive customer acquisition and improve retention by developing strategic and comprehensive email programs for the Cinmar brands.


  • Develop and execute the email marketing strategy across catalog brands.
  • Grow emails as a key revenue driver for Frontgate and Grandin Road with the support of an Email Coordinator, a position that will report directly to the Email Marketing Manager.
  • Work in conjunction with the VP of Marketing to develop a successful strategic email marketing campaign calendar for both Frontgate and Grandin Road
  • Provide creative brief direction for Internet Designers to ensure all email creative enhances brand image and communicates effectively to achieve its objectives.
  • Conduct extensive A/B testing of email strategy, including delivery timing, creative layout, tailored offers, and subject line testing to develop best practices for ongoing email campaigns
  • Manage email development through the creative review process, collaborating with copywriters, and capturing feedback from multiple stakeholders while adhering to strict deadlines
  • Implement standard procedures to prepare and deploy email campaigns using tools from Email Service Provider
  • Build file of marketable email addresses with better internal email capture programs across multiple channels, third party email acquisition programs, more flexible and targeted email permission options, win-back strategies for opt-outs, and new approaches to improve deliverability
  • Evaluate the performance of email sends, including the impact of promotional offers, subject lines, segmentation performance, click-thru rates and revenue generation and provide executable recommendations to the Executive Committee to improve future email performance
  • Communicate email plans and successes internally to ensure coordination across channels as well as appropriate training and incentives for customer service and sales staff to support specific campaigns and key initiatives

Position Requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience in E-Commerce with primary focus on email marketing campaigns to build direct to consumer sales.
  • Demonstrated success producing innovative and effective results from emails for a high volume, brand name consumer marketer.
  • High energy leader who can work independently across levels and functions.
  • Strong communication and excellent analytical skills.
  • Creative problem solver with attention to detail.
  • Team player with a strong work ethic.
  • BA/BS degree required.


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