TRUE STORY:  Back in 2004, when I first started recruiting, I cold-called my way into a VP of Marketing search for  Before that search, I had only closed one ecommerce search for — so poaching the Golfsmith search from their retained search firm was akin to shooting down a B-1 bomber with a deer rifle.

The Golfsmith search was like Hollywood:  Matt Corey won it (he’s still there), but he was up against a fantastic field of ecommerce rock stars, two of whom sat on the board of  It was nuts. 

Anyway, during my interview with one of the candidates, I asked the guy “why are you looking to leave your current position? I mean, you have 35 people on your P&L and in the last six years, you have grown to more than $100 million in sales. You rule.”

And the guy says, “Harry, is awesome, but I’ve been here six years, and I can’t tell anymore if I’ve gotten six years experience once — or two years’ experience three times.”

Maybe that sums up how you feel about your job.  Maybe it’s time for something new. Maybe you’re just sick of riding the subway to work in the freezing cold. Just maybe.

So with that said, I wanna have one FINAL CALL for the search based in Knoxville, TN.

Pound for pound, this is one of the best searches in my portfolio, and it’s almost closed. However, in the interest of making sure that my client gets the very best candidate possible, I want to bring this search to your attention one last time …


Any candidate who has ever worked with me knows that I use the “3 F’s” to determine if a role makes sense for them. The three F’s are Fun, Future, and Finance — and here’s what you’re getting with this role:

FUN: The job’s based in Knoxville. That’s a plus, not a minus. See for yourself:  Then see the stats for the community:

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Now check out “Things to do” at Lakes. Nightlife. College football. Four seasons. Mountains.  Magnificent place to raise a family. When I was a beef trader back in the 1990’s, my wife and I lived in Chattanooga. I made just $75K, and we lived right across the street from the Harman’s, who’s four-side brick house is for sale right now for a paltry $360K. See

Similar deals can be had in Knoxville all day long. Isn’t it time you had a more balanced life?

FUTURE: JTV is not some mom-and-pop etailer. JTV reaches a daily audience of 65 million potential viewers. The company will be ranked in the 2010 IR- Top 200, and Craig Shields, JTV’s VP of Ecommerce, believes that the company’s best days are ahead of it. Given the growth of the web + mobile + REAL programming, I’m inclined to agree. Lots of etailers wanna offer compelling content, but JTV is one of a small handful of etailers actually doing it. LQQK:

How would you like to learn how to actually produce and integrate REAL content into your online marketing efforts?? Where else are you going to learn that? How bullet-proof do you think this knowledge will make you five years from now?

FINANCE: According to, Knoxville’s median household income in 2008 was $31,988. At JTV, you can expect to W2 $115-125K — which is roughly 4x the community average. Re-read that. FOUR freaking times! And NO state income tax!!  Why on earth would any bright up-and-comer slog it out in a major city when you can get a fantastic education working for Craig while you hang out on your boat on the weekends? C’mon!

You can see the job posting here:

Candidates, please send your resume in Word format to Kindly put the word “JTV” in the subject field of your email.

Apply now, before it’s too late.

Kind regards,
Harry Joiner
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