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One of the coolest SEO jobs around!

We are working with Petco in their search for a worldclass SEO Manager based in the ever-sunny city of San Diego, CAone of the world’s smart cities. We’ve worked with Petco before, and there’s never been a better time to join its ecommerce team.

HARRY’S COMMENTS: Ever wonder what your pets talk about? What they think about? And what they do when you’re not home? That’s because as a pet parent, you’re likely “humanizing” your pets …

Humanizing a pet involves attributing human characteristics to them.

Happens every day. My family has two dogs and my kids adore them. Our dogs will listen patiently to our kids’ secrets without telling anyone, and they’ll love the kids unconditionally while asking little in return.

Pet parents want their pets to enjoy longer, happier lives and they’re often willing to spend a fortune to make this happen. 27% of of people now take care of their pets in their wills, and this year 50% of dog owners will buy their pooch a Christmas present.

(The number is actually 60% for millennials.)

It gets better: 87% of millennials say their pet makes them happier than anything else, and it’s not uncommon for a dog to sleep in the bed of a millennial pet parent. At one point, Gucci sold a sterling silver dog bowl, and the Google SERPs are loaded with local listings for luxury dog hotels.

According to Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, each successive generation has a stronger bond with its pets — a trend that seems here to stay.

That’s why Petco is a great business serving a FANTASTIC market.

According to the APPA, 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 30-37% have a cat. This widespread pet ownership has made animals especially effective in consumer advertising, which further humanizes them.

Worldwide, the largest pet market by a wide margin is the US.

According to First Research, the US pet and pet supply store industry includes about 9,000 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $15 billion. The US industry is concentrated: the 50 largest companies account for about 70% of revenue. Competitors include grocery stores, warehouse clubs, mass merchandisers, and online retailers.

Online retail demand should remain brisk:

From now through 2021, IBISWorld forecasts that online revenue for the pet products category will enjoy a CAGR of ~5.0% to $6.3 billion, driven by increases in 1.) consumer internet access, 2.) pet ownership, and 3.) increases in per capita disposable income which will allow pet parents to spend lavishly on nontraditional items like chews, nutrient drops, vitamin enriched waters, snacks, and protein bars.

About the Role

SEO is hugely important for pet supply retailers, and Petco is no exception. In addition to offering hundreds of thousands of SKUs on, the firm offers services such as Grooming, Positive Dog Training, Vaccinations, Pet Sitting, Pet Adoptions, and Repeat Delivery. All of these pages must be optimized for both mobile and desktop long tail search.

As Petco’s SEO Manager, you’ll have end-to-end ownership of a critical input into the company’s online business performance. This is a great gig for a highly analytical mind who thrives in a fast-paced dynamic environment, pays close attention to detail, is quick to take initiative, and can turn complex data into comprehensive actionable insights for Petco’s ecom team.

You’ll own Petco’s vision for organic and site search, and you’ll be responsible for defining and prioritizing’s new features (both front- and back-end) while working with multiple teams to rollout changes and measure the impact of your efforts.

This is a really high-visibility gig!

Because this role will involve performing market research and competitive analysis, optimizing web content and code, and link prospecting and acquisition, you should possess excellent project management skills, great communication skills, and be able to get results in a fast-paced environment. We’ll expect you to have a passionate desire to innovate on behalf of customers, and you’ll need deep experience building consumer-facing product features.

Naturally, you’ll be expected to operate independently and autonomously, which will spotlight your maturity, judgment, influence and leadership skills. As you consider applying for this role, ask yourself …

  1. Am I data-driven, but also able to get by on good old fashioned common sense?” just transitioned to a new platform. Yet the company’s access to search data remains imperfect. We’re looking for someone who is data-driven and analytical in their approach, and yet also able to use sound judgment to make smart decisions in the absence of data.
  2. Am I scrappy and business oriented?” Petco’s Ecommerce & Digital Marketing team operates like a start-up. It moves fast, learning and adapting along the way. Done is better than perfect. The team wants to ad A-players who are willing to roll up their sleeves and solve a variety of problems in practical, reality-based ways.
  3. Am I fun to work with?” Okay, this question’s a little goofy, but at Petco, you gotta love pets, people, and innovation. You’ll be the face of all things search at Petco, so you’ll need to remain dynamic and creative while staying calm under pressure.

Would you like to hear more?

In my kickoff call with Petco’s VP Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, I took several pages of notes regarding Petco’s online business plus the specifics on Petco’s SEO growth opportunities. Competitive issues prevent me from being too specific here, but this is a fantastic job opportunity for any business-oriented SEO professional.

Petco is a world-class organization selling to an established, reachable, hyper-responsive and very deep market. We are happy to share all of our research for this position with qualified applicants. Please apply below.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor Organic Search performance of and top competitor sites on a daily basis.
  • Track impact ongoing SEO and content initiatives, based on predetermined success metrics.
  • Create and deliver recurring SEO performance reports, provide actionable insights for senior executives and stakeholders, collaborate on quarterly SEO progress reviews and forecasts.
  • Perform keyword research and analysis from Google adwords tool and other commonly used tools.
  • Develop link-building strategies, link architecture and ensure spider friendliness of the platform.
  • Log file analysis and traffic reporting, and other topical trends in SEO.
  • Develop reports on organic metrics, and possess working knowledge of commonly used analytical tools (Core Metrics, Google Analytics, etc.).
  • Have strong understanding of HTML and web protocols.
  • Strong knowledge of webmaster tools.
  • Gather required link building data from search engines and useful tools.

Basic Qualifications

  • BA required
  • 4+ years of professional experience in SEO (preferably in-house SEO in e-commerce / online retail), with a proven track record of successfully developing and implementing SEO programs and significantly improving Organic Search performance for online businesses
  • Extensive knowledge of SEO best practices, search engine algorithms and ranking strategies, and passion to stay abreast of news and trends in SEO and online marketing
  • Deep understanding of critical SEO analytics and research platforms (e.g. Google & Bing Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics, Google Adwords Keyword Tool etc.), as well as familiarity with various third party SEO analytics solutions such as Brightedge, SEOClarity, Moz, SEMrush etc.
  • Solid understanding of HTML, Java script, Flash & CSS
  • Proven track record generating SEO success in a post-Penguin world. – Success optimizing ecommerce sites for competitive head terms and long tail terms.
  • Ability to coordinate cross functional teams and communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical individuals.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and discuss technical concepts, evaluate and manage tradeoffs.
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills; ability to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions, recommendations, and drive actions.

Preferred Qualifications

  • MBA degree from a top business school
  • SQL Proficiency
  • Experience managing complex cross-function technology projects and/or developing software
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with a demonstrated experience engaging and influencing cross-functional teams and senior executives
  • Attention to detail, ability to learn quickly and deliver results, and manage multiple projects and competing priorities

Applications for this position are being coordinated by Kelley Newsome. To apply, CLICK HERECandidates, please be sure to email Kelley for a packet of market research and company / competitive intel that will differentiate you in your candidacy. Due to the intensely competitive nature of this search, thorough preparation for these interviews with this proprietary material is strongly recommended.

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