CLOSED: Omnichannel Pet Supplies Retailer seeks Email Marketing Manager (Remote)

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ALLAN’S COMMENTS: We are working with a well-established omnichannel pet supplies retailer and services company in their search for a proven Email Marketing Manager. This role can be remote / WFH (“woof from home”). The client has a new Chief Digital Officer who’s a long-time friend of our firm.

The guy’s a total rock star. You’ll be working with him — which means you’ll be learning a ton and stretching (in a great way), both personally and professionally. We’d want our own kids to work with him.

About the Company

The firm’s mission is simple: To provide all pet parents with the very best care you’d want for your own animal family member. From the best nutrition, to special treats, to services like training and grooming, to all the little necessities that keep a pet happy and healthy. The company operates 50+ stores in several states and offers same-day delivery with online orders.

The folks are all about making pet parenting easier.

Now, let’s talk about the 50+ stores: On the surface, that sounds smallish. But it isn’t. Believe it or not, Petsmart, Petco, and Chewy on account for 60% of the retail pet market, and the remaining 40% is incredibly fractured. As one of the top 10 pet retailers, our client is a nine-figure, replenishment-oriented business with 20,000 SKUs — 80 percent of which is available online.

Traditionally, their ecom business has been centered around BOPIS and buy-online/deliver-from-store. Which makes sense when you consider how heavy a 50-pound bag of dog food is (🤔). And some of that dog food is the fresh, specialty, and high-end stuff — the kind you’d be tempted to feed your kids. You can’t get it just anywhere, and some pet parents need to be reminded to re-order before they run out.

Soon the firm will start shipping outside of its trade area, and it will need a robust, well-run email and SMS channel to sell …

  • OLD products to OLD customers,
  • OLD products to NEW customers,
  • NEW products to OLD customers, and
  • NEW products to NEW customers

Pretty much the whole ball of wax. And until yesterday, I did not realize that there are 10 percent more pets in America than PEOPLE — a number that will likely top out at 25 percent. But do the math: That’s 415 million critters that can EAT while you SLEEP.

About the Role

To win in this role, you’ll need to be a whiz at segmentation. You’ll have creative resources who can help with the production of your campaigns, but they won’t tell you WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY to target specific cohorts.

That’s on you.

We’d like you to understand triggered email / SMS campaigns, and we’ll expect you to have a proven background growing the channel. In the pet space, growth is a function of permission-based marketing in a way that’s …

  • Consistent,
  • Relevant,
  • Anticipated, and
  • Personal.

Conceptually, we’re looking for someone who understands the benefit of “marketing so useful the customer would pay for it,” because when you get right down to it — the customer will have to PAY ATTENTION to your outreach. Which, as an accessible, responsive, and engaged pet parent, they’ll be only to happy to do.

You won’t believe how much we know about this search …

I spent a ton of time on the phone with the client teasing out exactly what you’ll need to KNOW and DO to hit the ground running in this role. Some of the things I can share with highly qualified candidates include …

  1. The “real” background requirements for this position, along with the top five things all resumes MUST have to be considered for the role.
  2. The top five problems that exist due to this position being open. These are the little brush fires you will be expected to put out during your first month on the job. Every ecommerce job has these — and this one’s no different.
  3. What your average day/week will look like in this role. There’s what you read in the standard ecommerce job posting … then there’s reality. We’ve got the reality.
  4. The leading and lagging KPIs that will determine your success in this role. In a nutshell: How you’ll keep score.
  5. The major projects you’ll need to complete by Day 100 to be considered a home-run in this position. We’ve got the lowdown on how you can plug-and-play and drive REAL value in this ecommerce job.

I have a massive amount of proprietary intel to share with qualified candidates. My industry research for this assignment exceeds 50 pages! Be sure to TEXT me, Allan Seibert, at (706) 318-1196 for this info. Or simply use the email link when you apply for the role below.

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  • Experience with segmentation tools (Preferably Hubspot, Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Cheetahmail, etc)
  • Retail Omnichannel experience or pure-play experience with a large SKU set.
  • Proven email and SMS experience
  • Previous responsibilities for retention-based analytics and KPIs (open rates, click-thru, deliverability, etc)
  • Experience using A/B multivariate testing to optimize email campaigns
  • Database management best practices
  • Experience identifying automation opportunities and a process-driven ability to set them up


  • Own the strategy and day-to-day Email and SMS Operations
  • Work with Creative to build campaigns
  • Work with the product owner of the firm’s Power BI tool to develop insights
  • Develop a strategy to increase the adoption of the firm’s auto-replenishment program
  • Optimize and improve the firm’s automated vs generic email / SMS sends
  • Grow the email and SMS house file size
  • Develop customer journeys around the dog and cat categories (The goal is to get emails out before the customer runs out of food or other consumables)
  • Optimize the loyalty customer journey around “point tiers” for special offers, double points, etc
  • Own the retention strategy along with the execution of those initiatives
  • Build KPI dashboards and visualization reports to improve tracking and better insights
  • Improve on segmentation, automation and personalization initiatives.
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