Amazon Marketplace Manager

  • Full Time
  • Seal Beach, CA
  • This position has been filled

  • Full Time
  • Seal Beach, CA
  • This position has been filled

SEAL BEACH, CA – With more than 100 ecommerce searches each year, is the leading contingency-based recruiting firm serving the, Ad:Tech, and IR-500 communities. To opt-in to our popular “Ecommerce Job of the Day” email, click here.

One of the coolest ecommerce jobs around!

HARRY’S COMMENTS: We are working with a world-famous, ultra-premium sports nutrition brand in its search for an Amazon Marketplace Manager based in scenic Seal Beach, California — right next to Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach. If you are a “beach person,” then this is the gig for you!

About the Company

The company had a banner year in 2020 as a nation of home-bound white-collar workers got serious about health and fitness. Overnight, America became more health-conscious as people came to understand the importance of what they consume and its connection to good health. The company had long enjoyed a stellar reputation as one of America’s top brands of pre-workout supplements, and the covid lockdowns provided a tailwind for the firm’s ecommerce business.

(It didn’t hurt that some large omnichannel supplement retailers went under, either.)

If you know anything about the supplement space, you’re probably aware that there are a gazillion supplement brands — MANY of which are of questionable quality — so it’s really hard for a legitimate brand to differentiate itself. Pretender brands make money by over-promising in their marketing and under-delivering by dumbing down their product formulations.

Given the level of consumer cynicism in the supplement space, what’s my client’s secret to building a top brand?

Easy: All of the firm’s products are properly dosed, and its ingredients come in the highest quality vegetable forms. Plus, its amino acids are fermented and microencapsulated (as opposed to being processed from duck feathers … Yuck!). Every one of its products is naturally colored and flavored, so its products simply taste better.

About the Role

The client seeks an experienced Amazon Marketplace Manager (through Seller Central) to help it dominate both domestically and abroad through expansion into international marketplaces. Naturally, the ideal candidate will have deep knowledge of the Amazon marketplace along with the growth levers required to increase sales for an established premium brand in a very competitive category.

Currently, the company is doing $5 million on Amazon. Given the size of the category, that number should be $15 million. To close that gap, your priorities will include improving the company’s AMS programs while heavily influencing decisions on cross channel promotions, discounts, coupons, inventory management, forecasting, catalog cleanup, ratings and reviews, and more.

We want you to grow the business, but you can’t do that in ways that undermine the firm’s traction in other channels. We want “pie-enlarging” growth — not “pie-rearranging” growth. There’s a difference.

You won’t believe how much we know about this search …

I spent a ton of time on the phone with the client teasing out exactly what you’ll need to KNOW and DO to hit the ground running in this role. Some of the things I can share with highly qualified candidates include …

  1. The “real” background requirements for this position, along with the top five things all resumes MUST have to be considered for the role.
  2. The top five problems that exist due to this position being open. These are the little brush fires you will be expected to put out during your first month on the job. Every ecommerce job has these — and this one’s no different.
  3. What your average day/week will look like in this role. There’s what you read in the standard ecommerce job posting … then there’s reality. We’ve got the reality.
  4. The leading and lagging KPI’s that will determine your success in this role. In a nutshell: How you keep score.
  5. The major projects you’ll need to complete by Day 100 to be considered a home-run in this position. We’ve got the lowdown on how you can plug-and-play and drive REAL value in this ecommerce job.

I have a massive amount of proprietary intel to share with qualified candidates. My industry research for this assignment exceeds 100 pages! Be sure to TEXT me, Harry Joiner, at (404) 281-2025 for this info. Or simply use the email link when you apply for the role below.

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  • Set up and launch new product items on Amazon by working with the creative team to procure digital assets to build and optimize detail pages/ storefront
  • Perform optimization through testing to improve existing product listings including organic search terms, paid search terms and other promotional campaigns
  • Open support cases to build out listings or correct issues
  • Meet or exceed product sales goals
  • Conduct market research, staying up to date on the latest Amazon trends and industry changes
  • Manage Amazon FBM inventory to ensure product inventory levels remain at an acceptable rate
  • Analyze sell-through data for units and filters to identify issues or trends when sales have either declined or increased
  • Collaborate with internal departments such as Customer Service, Finance, Supply Chain and Marketing to ensure efforts are aligned
  • Utilize third-party data sources to establish reporting and quantify the success of Amazon channel development activities
  • Collaborate directly with the firm’s VP of Ecommerce and Ad Agencies on the execution of Amazon marketing, and other digital initiatives


  • Proven knowledge of Amazon Seller Central
  • Work collaboratively with internal departments: Finance, Operations, Creative, Customer Service and Sales
  • Must be both analytical and strategic, and embrace the challenge of a fast-paced ecommerce environment
  • An ability to work on multiple projects at once, meeting tight deadlines
  • Knowledge of and/or willingness to learn about the firm’s complete product line plus all relevant players in the sports nutrition space
  • Ability to work independently while following the overall management strategy
  • Ability to adapt and respond to multiple incoming requests and shifting priorities
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • 1-3+years’ Amazon experience for a consumer brand company or agency, experience in other ecommerce platforms is a plus
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